Wonder Woman Delivers a D.C. Comics Hit

Wonder Woman is truly performing wonderfully at the worldwide box office. The film has surpassed the $300 million mark in global ticket sales. All this is great news for Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics.


Hollywood executives do love films that make big money. The movie business is exactly that — a business. All parties involved with a motion picture know box office receipts count for a lot more than critical acclaim. With Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics attained both. Wonder Woman is a huge hit with fans and critics. Rotten Tomatoes reveals the film has an over 90% “Fresh Rating.”


The D.C. Extended Universe has seen some money makers with Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. Both films, while hits, were very poorly received by fans and critics. Mediocre to poor reviews also plagued Man of Steel. The D.C. Extended Universe was starting to look seriously B-grade in comparison to the much better Marvel Cinematic Universe films.


A franchise with consistently poor movies ends up experiencing dwindling box office returns. Why rush to the theater to see a badly written and directed movie? Wonder Woman has established some faith in those who were wondering if the next D.C. Comics project would prove to be yet another critical dud.


Wonder Woman’s trailers did hint this film was sure to be much better than previous entries in the D.C. Comics movie catalog. The presence of enthusiastic performances, writing, and directing were very clear.


The film also captures the original Golden Age spirit of the comics. Wonder Woman debuted 75 years ago. Setting the film even earlier in the past during World War I

might be a significant change from the published origin, the setting works. The setting also helps the film stand apart from all the many modern day heroic films.


Wonder Woman truly is a hit on all levels. The D.C. Extended Universe is saved.


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