If enjoying the warmth of the sun is what you’re after, then look no further than Panama City, Panama. Relax and leave your stress behind as you enjoy lots of outdoor activities and nightlife on Panama City is a wonderful place to see what you never knew was even there. What a great family trip this would make!

Fly into Tocumen International Airport and your taxi awaits to take you wherever you wish. See the modern changes that have just recently caught up with this city. From the modern day glass skyscrapers, similar to those in Dubai, they are a sight not to be missed.

Start with a walk through DiabloRosso. With its abundance of contemporary art galleries by artists such as Jonathon Harker and Donna Conlon, it’s an art enthusiast’s dream. Who knows, you may even find a unique handmade item to take home.

If one-of-a-kind dresses are what you like, take a look at the boutique designer dress shop, Frau Lamb. There you can find something no else will have.

Camino de Cruces is a 500 year old trail full of wildlife. This could be the amateur photographer’s great opportunity for close-ups of the wildlife and birds that you will enjoy hearing as they hum a little tune for you or maybe get lucky and see a jaguar.

Take an hour or two to visit the Panama Canal. Just twenty minutes drive from the city center, you can watch the cargo ships as they dock while you take in the relaxing sunshine.

Go ahead, book your Panama vacation today!

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