The Wonderful Services Offered By Sussex Health Care Group And Its Owner Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Sussex Health Care is a self-governing company of home care located in Sussex. It majorly focuses on taking care of the elderly persons such as those who are weakened mentally by Alzheimers or Dementia disease and also providing professional health care for people with learning and physical problems. The company dedicates its service to offering exceptional standards of care to its clients.

Sussex Health Care group is conscious of the importance of providing a good home care for the old people. It is because of this knowledge that it is committed to offering a comfortable and safe environment for such individuals. Sussex believes that the elderly should live a standard life and get the deserved respect from other people. To achieve that the group has qualified nurses who have the relevant skills and experience needed to accomplish the work. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is considered as the best dental surgeon in the country.

On the aspect of people who are suffering from dementia, Sussex believes that such people should live a lively life like others. Although the dementia care has been a recent issue due to the risen population of people suffering from it, Sussex care is still committed to providing the necessary services support to the affected people. The company often offers training opportunities to its staff members to ensure that they are well equipped with the relevant knowledge on caring for such individuals.


Individuals with brain injuries and neurological problems are also not left out. The company also offers the required support to them. It’s aided by a team of language and speech therapists and physiotherapists according to Through these professionals, aromatherapy and reflexology therapies services get provided. The team works together with specialists and principal consultants like the National Hospital for the Neurology based in Queens Square, St Thomas Hospitals and The Royal Hospital of Neurological Disorders.

Recently, several Sussex Health Care staffs have been awarded a high ranking by the University of Chichester. Six of those crews were awarded Level five Diploma in Professional from the University of Chichester. Through that diploma, the workers got a chance to enroll for a bachelor’s degree. During the diploma course, the students studied at their own free time and attended monthly workshops. Fifty percent of the work consisted the assignments which made sure that the study had a direct influence on their work and ensured that they kept focused on the education.

Shafik Sachedina, the owner, and founder of Sussex Healthcare appraised his staffs for the qualifications they attained. He said that through their knowledge and wisdom, they would improve the lives of their customers. Shafik Sachedina works in various companies.

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