The Walking Dead Treads All Over Social Media Discussions

AMC’s The Walking Dead garners an interesting distinction. Reportedly, the series ranks as the “most talked about television program” on social media. Such a distinction is amazing. With so many different cable, network, and streaming channels available, the sheer volume of original programming means The Walking Dead faces a lot of competition across all genres.


The competition, however, did not go to great lengths to alienate fans. The arrival of Negan added a tremendous increase in previous levels of violence in the series. The violence completely turned off a significant number of viewers. Millions ceased watching the program.


In addition to the violence, a bit of tedium infested The Walking Dead. The narrative connected to Negan and the Saviors had a tendency to move a bit slowly. Slow pacing bores audiences. Since the show has been on the air for several years, a certain segment of the audience is likely looking for a reason to watch something else. Boring episodes and the occasional smattering of graphic violence are going to send some viewers running.


Still, people are talking about the program on social media. They are talking in massive volumes. What does this mean for the future success of the series? It really doesn’t mean much of anything.


The program still draws in millions of viewers to watch the series. Although the audience is declining, the remaining number of people watching is in the millions. Even if a fraction of the viewers choose to post and comment on social media, the numbers are going to be impressive. The most passionate of those fans post consistently and with great enthusiasm.


The serious fans of the program are going to stay with the series to the bitter end. And even with declining ratings, the bitter end is far off. The declining ratings are concerning, but not critical yet.


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