The Talented Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub’s career as a U.K. diplomat are coming to an end. For the past four years Taub has worked as an Ambassador for the State of Israel. Some people consider him one of the most well-known and respected Israeli diplomats of recent decades. After four years of diligent work with the Court of St. James, Daniel looks back on his diplomatic work in the United Kingdom.


In spite of being such a popular ambassador, some of Taub’s favorite hobbies remain unknown. Daniel Taub enjoys reading books in his spare time — English literature being a key focus of his. When he isn’t perusing through books the former diplomat enjoys spending time with his family at the London Theater. He lists High Society as a musical he’s recently seen, and includes Les Miserables as a musical he plans on viewing soon. Daniel Taub regrets not seeing more musicals when he had the time to.


There is, however, more to Daniel Taub than hobbies and diplomat work. Daniel Taub appears to have a firm philosophy he lives his life by. It’s a philosophy that’s open to new experiences when they’re beneficial. Taub values being a British Israeli diplomat for the various perspectives it offers. Some of the most interesting people he’s met were critical of his homeland, Israel. But that doesn’t keep Taub from valuing their perspective and inevitably forming personal bonds with people that could be considered his political opponents. He values interactions with people of all kinds, with his family at the helm of these social relationships. The interview shows Taub to optimistic about his past, present, and future as well. Looking back at the past four years of British Ambassador work, he says he feels deeply satisfied about what he managed to accomplish. Sure, more work could have been done — more goals reached, more networks established, more foreign relations strengthened. But Taub knows he already achieved plenty. During his four years his team opened Israel information centers in both Scotland and Wales and expanded the information centers in Manchester.


Yet those aren’t even the most renowned of Daniel Taub’s successes. For the man frequently considered to be a workaholic, those are just among a large pile of achievements. From 2011 to 2013, Taub helped increase UK-Israel bilateral trade to $8 billion. 2011 was the same year he had his first notable meeting with the Queen of England. Learn more:




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