Suicide Squad Approaching $500 Million Globally

While Suicide Squad might be a critical flop, the film based on the DC Comics series is still seeing plenty of people heading to the theater to check it out. The flick, starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith, as well as many others, took in more than it was expected to get last weekend overseas. Deadline reports the movie brought in $59 million by the end of Sunday, and that means that across the pond, Suicide Squad has already generated more than $243 million.

Globally, the number is closer to $500 million and considering it has been on the market for less than a month, there is some talk it could eventually beat what had been the best performing DC Comics moving in Batman v Superman.

While DC has touted the revenues as being a kind of victory for their approach to the silver screen, it should be pointed out the film hasn’t exactly had big competition. This might be the reason the flick has managed to bring in plenty of customers despite the fact that even some fans have come out of the theater quite disappointed.

Of course, comic book movies don’t get the best reviews around and are often considered to be little more than popcorn flicks. That doesn’t mean the films can’t bring in plenty of money from people who love to see their favorite superheroes or supervillains on the big screen.

DC had hoped that Suicide Squad would bring in even more revenue because of the rather original take on the well-trod comic book movie. This film features a team of villains that have all been captured by the federal government. The government now wants to use them as agents against some of the most dangerous entities that exist on the planet and in the universe.

Margot Robbie plays the iconic Harley Quinn, who has long been known as the love interest of the Joker. Will Smith plays a character known as Dead Shot. This villain is a hitman that has such incredible aim he is rumored to have never missed a shit. The group is released from prison with a couple of caveats and are sent out on a mission to take down an evil sorceress before she destroys the world.

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