Suicide Squad Actor Discusses Bad Reviews

Suicide Squad’s release featured the proverbial good and the bad. The box office was good and the reviews were bad. Star Joel Kinnaman has gone public on his feelings about fans and detractors.

Kinnaman played Rick Flag in the film, a film that has pulled in over $300 million worldwide in only two weeks. Kinnaman stated he read about two bad reviews and then ceased. He was more interested in hearing positive news from fans who enjoyed the experience of following the adventures of “the worst heroes ever” on the screen.

Suicide Squad definitely was a financial success and a sequel is likely. The negative reviews were massive. Rotten Tomatoes displayed a mere 26% – give or take a percent – positive reviews.

Reportedly, director David Ayer produced a much more serious version of the film. However, when Batman v. Superman opened to horrible reviews, Warner Bros. panicked and opted to recut the film without Ayer’s input. The end result was confusing and a bit jumbled. Hence, the film received a ton of bad reviews.

Kinnaman suggested the expectations on the film were way too high. Some could not help but be disappointed after being hyped up for a brilliant new comic book movie. To a degree, this may be true but the harsh re-editing of the film by the studio did not exactly help the narrative. A confusing narrative does not exactly lead to a great film.

Warner Bros. and D.C. Entertainment positively do have to correct the course these movies are on. If not, then audiences are going to lose interest in the product produced by them. That means Marvel will have the superhero genre all to its own.

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