Speculation Circulates About A Baseball Movie Sequel

Established Hollywood studios have long demonstrated conservatism about one issue: with respect to financing new movies, entertainment companies generally prefer “a sure thing” to gambling on new, potentially risky ventures. Films with a proven track record of box office success offer fertile territory for creating spinoffs, prequels and sequels because they can count on support from an audience of existing fans.


Recently, entertainment industry news sources such as the screenrant.com website detected a buzz circulating around the possibility of a new film based on Major League (1989). While the fate of the project remains uncertain at this point in time, Charlie Sheen tantalizingly revealed a “dynamite” script for another sequel already exists and simply awaits financial backing. He indicated several former cast members have expressed willingness to participate in a reprise of their earlier roles in a Major League III production.


The box office hit starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen, Wesley Snipes, Margaret Whitton and Rene Russo won a loyal audience a few decades ago. Directed and written by David S. Ward, the comedy about a Cleveland baseball team has been described by Chris Cwik as a “classic” among baseball genre films. It spawned two sequels: Major League II(1994) and Major League: Back to the Minors(1998).


Although the prospect of another sequel to the original Major League(1989) apparently remains uncertain, recent releases from major motion picture studios demonstrate the undying popularity of sequels in the United States. Perhaps another comedy about baseball will entertain audiences soon?



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