Sofia Coppola’s Unmade Blockbuster

The Screen Rant website has an interesting article about the possibility of acclaimed film director Sofia Coppola one day making a big-budget franchise film, something that she has never done before. Coppola is known for directing small-scale, low-budget films as opposed to major studio releases of franchise films such as those in the Spider-Man series.


At the most recent Cannes film festival, Coppola drew attention for making comments to the effect that she felt she might lose creative control as directing a feature film that was being made for a major studio but that she wouldn’t rule out doing so one day. It is noted that now would be a good time for this to happen because female directors are being recruited for female-oriented films such as Wonder Woman. The author of the article also went on to contrast Coppola’s small-scale films like “Lost in Translation,” which was basically filmed in a hotel, to her father’s epic features like “Apocalypse Now,” which was full of elaborate special effects and expensive props.


In my opinion, Coppola should stick to what she’s known for – making small, effective films. If you look at her film about Marie Antoinette, there aren’t any epic battle scenes, and there’s no reliance on elaborate period sets. The film works based on the strengths of the script, directing and acting, and that’s the way it should be. Good directors make good films with the help of a lot of money, but great directors do more with less.


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