OneLogin Leads the Pack in Identity Management

Envoy has obliterated the famed visitor’s log book. It is redefining visitor registration and guest experiences. The company empowers office visitors to sign in seamlessly through an iPad. The firm recently partnered with OneLogin to enhance the user management system. The collaboration enables Envoy to continuously synchronize user profiles in real time from the OneLogin database.

It can be difficult to manage multiple users on different teams across various locations and platforms. The integration delivers a superior customer experience by ensuring user data is accurate, current and easy to work with. It also provides added functionality. Employees can create visitor invites. This enables them to receive notification that their guest has arrived. The system empowers employees to save time and improve security in the office including access to digital assets.

The system is built around the System for Cross-domain Identity Management platform. It is scalable and reliable. OneLogin supports open identity and access control standards. It offers developer toolkits and implementation training to ensure smooth integration. Additionally, OneLogin maintains clear system documentation and reliable functionality. It also provides excellent customer care creating compelling workplace experiences. The service is a perfect match for SaaS vendors.

OneLogin is a leading provider of identity and access control systems as well as user provisioning platforms. The company was founded in 2009 by Thomas and Christian Pedersen. It is based in California. It provides cloud-based services and single sign-on functionality. The functionality integrates with existing directories, multiple cloud-based applications, and user management platforms through APIs and developer toolkits. OneLogin increases employee productivity and secures access to essential resources.

The product portfolio includes single sign-on, user provisioning, mobile identity management, authentication, web access management and cloud directory services among others. It runs on iOS and Android devices as well as Windows and Mac systems. It integrates seamlessly with third party authentication providers. The firm operates three subsidiaries including Sphere Secure Workspace, Portadi, and Cafesoft.

The company has raised over forty million dollars in Series A, B and C funding cycles in between 2010 and 2014. It is a top contender in the cloud identity and access management segment. Glassdoor named the company the best place to work in 2015. Gartner also termed the company the number one access management provider in 2017.

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