New Hair With Wen By Chaz Dean

I’m someone with a high degree of hair care frustration. I’ve never been able to find anything that could solve my hair woes. My hair has always been very oily, so it’s hard to get it clean enough to style. It all just feels very heavy and flat, which is just no fun at all. I guess I should be grateful I have hair at all, but this has been an area of real frustration for me.
I’d given up on my hair, to be honest, but then I heard about a product that was bringing in some good results. It’s called WEN hair by Chaz Dean, and Dean (see, developed it to help his salon clients who wanted more natural products. I decided to give it a try, and I even wrote about it on

I used the Sweet Almond Mint product, about a palmful a day, as directed, and honestly I saw results very quickly. My hair felt lighter and fluffier, and I could style it! I got compliments galore, and I started to feel a bit like the neighborhood supermodel. Wow! These products are all natural and they smell just great!

Now my hair is light, fluffy, and swings. It’s shiny and it smells great, too. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on my hair, and I’m glad Chaz Dean listened to his clients. Wen hair products are available on Sephora and online on eBay.

Thanks Wen by Chaz. I’m hooked! For more info visit



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