Leading Entrepreneurial Life in Marc Sparks Way

Marc Sparks is a prominent entrepreneur with a highly positive approach towards investments. He is also a philanthropist, writer, mentor, motivational speaker, and more. Sparks lives in Dallas, and he is the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a privately held equity and start-up incubation firm. Marc leads the company as its Chief Executive Officer, and he has experience of grooming more than 50 start-ups as of today in his nearly 34 years of career. He could register immense success with his ventures and considered as a role model and guide for all the aspiring entrepreneurs not only in Dallas but across the United States. It should be noted that the word “serial entrepreneur” shrinks to Marc Sparks considering his extraordinary success with start-ups.


Sparks remembers that he was an average student during his school days but possessed a level of keen interest towards everything. From childhood, he dreamt of building companies, and he executed it with some brilliant ideas in his later part of the life. Inside Timber Creek Capital, he keeps his doors open for employees, and it allows them to reach out him at any time and discuss new ideas including implementation. Another important aspect of his character is his speed in implementing or executing new ideas and founding new ventures. Sparks is extremely quick to execute each task, and his coworkers call it as Sparks Speed.


Marc is interested in sharing his entrepreneurial experience and has written a book named “They Can’t Eat You” to inspire the youngsters. He says that people would find more of his unsuccessful ventures in the book than successful efforts. Sparks thinks that explaining victories are easy but not adding values to the readers. The failures are painful and give a lot of information to the readers that can be highly useful in their entrepreneurial journey. Marc states that even during his struggling days, he was excited about the life and was always hopeful. He keeps a mindset of not afraid of failures as he thinks that no one can win all of their bets every time and failures are part of life. Due to that reason, he always asks himself “Are of afraid of failing or losing?”


Sparks tells that he builds each of his ventures on certain qualities, and they are Passion, Tenacity, Focus, Faith, Sparks Speed, and Savvy of Monetization. Apart from business, Sparks is also actively involved in various philanthropic efforts as well. He is closely associated with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter initiative in Texas. Sparks regularly contributes to the institution that is working on offering shelter, vocational training, and employ the homeless people. Sparks also helped many homeless people in his locality to construct their homes, and he supports American Can! Academy. Mark setup Sparky’s Kids foundation, and through it, he offers assistance to street kids to come out of the poverty.

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