Kevin Seawright Is Passionate About Housing Development In The City Of Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a leader in the financial business world, and also involved in community development within the city of Baltimore. According to PR Newswire Kevin Seawright is “Very passionate about home ownership in the city of Baltimore”. Kevin Seawright believes in the pure and true development of affordable housing in the Baltimore area, specifically in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Kevin Seawright feels that if money is made available to communities in need that the funding will create more first time homeowners in the city of Baltimore. Kevin Seawright believes that if his programs are successfully executed that 48.3 percent of people in Baltimore will be homeowners.

Kevin has numerous years of business experience including his time serving as Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin is a positive person with a creative mind. These attributes provide Kevin with the ability to create programs in communities with the utmost success. Kevin is known as a team leader, business innovator, and excellent speaker. Kevin has designed numerous financial business programs across multiple professions and fields. Kevin is also known as a leader in the Black community, identified as a member of the Association Of Black Accountants.

Kevin believes that his mentoring and activity in the Black community will develop knowledgeable accountants and fantastic young Black professionals in the future. Kevin believes that a person should lead by example. Financial responsibility is also important to Kevin. Financial responsibility is about operating within financial regulations and being accountable to multiple agencies responsible for the oversight of financial companies. Kevin believes in transparent oversight within accounting and holds the highest standards when practicing within a business or company. Kevin continues to thrive in the financial industry, and looks forward to impacting the city of Baltimore in a positive way for years to come.

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