George Soros Innovates Aid Strategies For Migrants

George Soros is attempting to inspire the global business community to help migrants around the world. Tens of millions of migrants have been displaced by civil strife. There are some who have been driven from their homes by carnage and war and others who have fled because of the stinging bite of poverty. George is working with the United Nations and he intends to invest $500 million into these communities so that they can integrate into their new homes. Most of these affected are living in Europe by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations has been helping migrants from all over the world for decades already. He is committed and he always hopes that by showing off his commitment other great investors who have had good fortune will be feel inspired to follow his example.

George has been championing causes for many years because he wants to spread “civil society” across the world. George Soros believes the best way to do that is through making economic investments into disadvantaged communities. He has long studied the key problems these communities suffer from and as a result he knows which services and products are likely to have the maximum impact. In the case of displaced refugees, all aid that George is dispensing will go out through his nonprofit organization. Soros will be sharing his methods because he wants others to see how private money can be a constructive force in helping migrants. If any profit is made it will be turned over to the Open Society Foundations, and then it will be redistributed to migrant aid projects again.

One of the key technologies that George Soros feels can benefit migrant communities the most is digital money transfer on This technology has been used in first world countries and Africa for a long time so it is tested. It can be used by drivers so they can find customers and also allow doctors in the United States to see patients in Africa. When these technologies are innovated and customized for the unique issues facing migrants it will dramatically improve the quality of their lives in a short period of time. An example has already been set by the integration of these technologies into low-income communities across Africa.

George plans to make investments in many business sectors. He has targeted plans of action to create products for legal, financial, and health services. There are other private business who share George’s commitment to servicing migrant communities and they are also devoting billions of dollars to problems. It is also necessary for governments to help. These people have been failed by the government in their home country and host nations are not yet doing enough to aid them in their plight. Source:

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