Game of Thrones Soon Debuts The Anticipated Season Seven

The seventh season of Games of Thrones is shaping up to be a very interesting one. Fans are waiting a little extra longer for the debut of the first episode of the season. Previously, the series debuted in March or April but the decision has been made to debut season seven in July.


Speculation exists as to why the date change was made. There won’t be any speculation about the running time of the episodes. Episodes one through five run 59 minutes and six and seven run 71 minutes and 81 minutes respectively.


Interestingly, the normal 10 episode season is being shorted to seven. Is this being done for pacing reasons? The answer shall reveal itself as the season plays out.


Season seven is sure to contain an enormous number of twists, shocks, and turns. As fans of the series know, season number eight is the final one of the series. A season prior to a final season commonly focuses on setting up the end. The art of doing this is allowing the season to stand on its own with self-contained storylines. If season seven is nothing more than a huge prologue for season eight, season seven will disappoint.


Don’t look for any fans to be so disappointed they choose to not tune in to the final season. No matter how season seven plays out fans are not going to abandon the series before learning how the epic fantasy soap opera plays out.


Game of Thrones’ success is truly amazing. Creating an episodic drama rooted in fantasy material is not exactly a no-risk endeavor. HBO likely knew there was a fan base out there for such a series, but the volume of fans surely took everyone involved by surprise.


Fans are now looking for more surprises when season seven unfolds.

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