Gaining Leverage As An Investor With 5 Investment Recommendations From Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a standout financial investor who has a unique business ideology compared to most of his peers. Reifler is passionate about offering diversified investment opportunities to average, everyday people – not just the wealthy. As a result of Reifler’s analysis of the government-sanctioned practices within the diversified investment industry of commodity funds and hedge funds, he established his own public fund to bridge the gap between the non-wealthy investor and all diversified investment opportunities.

Reifler offers a comprehensive list of 5 investment tips:

1. Be careful on how you invest your money. Consider risks, charges, and expenses. Take an inventory of your assets and create goals.

2. Be concerned about the safety of your money.

3. Don’t put all your money into the stock market.

4. Know who is going to be investing your money. Develop trust in the manager of your funds.

5. Recognize why you’re investing. Consider the investment objective. Be careful with how much you invest. If you see something working, then add to it.

Reifler provides an insightful set of recommendations that advocates the process of becoming educated about the financial market. Reifler promotes awareness of investment strategies, and he reminds investors to always monitor and to protect their money.

Currently, there is momentum within the SEC to change the federal requirements that are necessary to become an accredited investor. As of now, to qualify as an accredited investor an entity must be a corporation or a natural person that has a net worth of over $1 million, or the person’s income must exceed $200,000 per year.

One of the policy changes that the SEC is proposing is removing the financial requirements to qualify as an accredited investor and substituting it for an assessment of a person’s education, professional experience or investment qualification status, such as if they are Series 7 certified.

As a private fund manager and investment professional, Reifler is supportive of the reformation of existing investment policies, such as the SEC’s policy update recommendations which are designed to level the playing field for all potential investors. Straight from his Twitter Reifler addressed the importance and benefits of equal opportunity investing in a recent statement – “through the power of compounded return – if 99 percenters had a better option to invest, they could potentially watch a small investment grow into a substantial retirement account.”  Check out Brad’s website for more tips.

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