Eugenia Shea to Moisturize Skin and Hair

Shea butter, a product known to be good for your skin, also can be good for your hair. Eugenia Shea offers customers a line of pure Shea butter moisturizers that can be used for skin or with a few slight tricks, your hair. A recent article demonstrated how Shea butter can be used to add intensive moisture to locks as well.

Shea butter is extracted from a nut in the African Shea tree and is packed full of vitamin E. This vitamin is known to help repair skin and hair and to protect it from dryness. Shea butter can be made into an easy to use hair product. Heat two tablespoons of Shea butter with two tablespoons of coconut oil until better is melted, then add hair friendly ingredient like honey. Apply mixture to damp hair to add shine and softness.

You can also use it to detangle by adding Shea butter to hair when you comb. It can replace your curl cream to add bounce. The heat from straighteners do not have to damage your hair any more with a little Shea butter to protect it.

Eugenia Shea sells the highest quality Shea moisturizers made from a family recipe. The mother daughter partnership founded Eugenia Shea in 2014 to spend more time together after her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

Eugenia Shea used a family recipe with high quality ingredients, like Shea butter  oil, Baobab Oil, and other quality oils to create the ultimate moisturizer. Eugenia Shea’s goal is to be dedicated to fair wages for female workers in Ghana and donated 15% to help them in their education.

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