Doe Deere’s Early Experimentation Led to the Success of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere has been described as an innovative and inspiring female entrepreneur. Her line of cosmetics reflects her passion for independence and creativity. Lime Crime was created after Ms. Deere began posting photos of herself and her bold makeup looks online. She was surprised by how many people began following her posts waiting to see what new look she would come up with next. Doe Deere often shares stories about her early years and how she discovered her love of color when dressing herself. As a child she often dressed in layers of different colored clothes. As a young teen she also gave her friends their first makeovers.

In an interview for an online article, Doe Deere reflects on the creation of Lime Crime and her loyal fans. She talks about the benefits of having an online business and how she appreciates receiving feedback from her fans. She sees the instant access the web provides as a convenient way to stay in touch with the people who purchase her cosmetics. She affectionately refers to her fans as unicorns, because they embody the spirit of adventure she associates with this mythical creature.

Colors That Make a Statement

Visitors to the Lime Crime website will see the broad spectrum of colors available for lips and eyes. As a creative visionary, Doe Deere has continued to inspire those who visit her company’s website by posting full color photos from fans. The vibrant colors available from Lime Crime have inspired fans to create looks that express their own unique personalities. Some of the more intriguing makeup looks utilize multiple lip colors. The photos found on the Lime Crime website show fans with painted lips in shades of turquoise and blood red as well as with eyes highlighted in an array of metallic colors.

Not only will visitors to the Lime Crime website find a wide selection of colorful products to purchase, but they will also see statements that indicate the products are cruelty free and vegan safe. This means they have not been tested on animals or contain animal products in their ingredients. The people who choose to use the vibrant colors found in the Lime Crime line of products can do so knowing they have not contributed to the wrongful treatment of any animals. The line was designed to allow greater freedom of expression by those who choose to use these types of makeup products.

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