Concerns over Disney Owning Fox

As excited as people seem to be at the idea of Disney owning Fox, there have been some concerns voiced over what that could mean for some of the property of Fox. Among the concerns for the acquisition is what could happen to property such as Deadpool. Given that Deadpool is one of the most successful R rated movies in the recent era, and Disney is the one company that is known for keeping things on a kid-friendly level, there is naturally going to be some concern that Deadpool is going to be one of the characters that are toned down.

Fans may not have to worry. For one thing, Deadpool and X-Men may be kept apart for a little bit. Another thing that is to be considered is that Disney has other studios that actually release more adult films. One of the studios is Touchstone Pictures. This studio is known for releasing R rated films. There is also Hollywood pictures which is known for projects such as 1995’s Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone. Disney is also allowing Marvel to do its own thing for the most part when it comes to the content in the films. Even some of Quentin Tarantino’s films have been released through a Disney studio.

Even the Star Wars films are somewhat darker and more violent under the direction of Disney than the prequels, which were a little more Disney-esque than a lot of the films released under the company. Rogue One was rewritten and reshot for a darker ending. The Force Awakens is a little gorier than any other Star Wars movie before it other than Revenge of the Sith. Therefore, there are a ton of reasons that Deadpool might be okay. Other properties might get going in a smoother fashion such as more Alien and Predator movies.

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