Christian Broda on the Dynamics of Economics

Anyone who has studied distribution and production of goods services and products is an economist. It’s important for an economist to have adequate knowledge in financial management. Students who are good in mathematics, statistics and research make excellent economists.

There are corporate, government, finance, macro-economist and academic economists. Their functions include carrying out market research and providing information that determines the pricing and marketing of goods and services. Another function is analysis and collection of data that helps the government budget. Economists do research and post their findings on journals and books. They also use data to predict the future market trends. Calculation of worldwide financial currencies, trade policies and exchange rates is also a function of an economist.

Christian Broda is an economist who undertook his bachelor’s in finance degree in Universidad de San Andre. He later joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he did his masters and doctorate. He started his career as an associate economics lecturer at the University of Chicago. He then became a tenured lecturer at the same university until 2010 when he joined Barclays Capital as a Chief International Economist.

Mr. Broda is currently the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. His vast knowledge in economics had enabled him to write trade and economic books. He is also a columnist for the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the American Economic Review. Christian is based in New York where he stays with his wife and two sons.

Economists use reports, chats, tables and graphs to gather and analyze information. They also perform historical research and use the information to predict the future. Through studying the money market and banking system an economist can predict the economic effect caused by changes.

Aside from having an educational background, economists are expected to have good communication skills. The skills come in handy in explanation of their data and findings to those who do not understand the graph and statistic representations. Skills in analysis also helps economist study emerging and changing patterns and provide logic solutions.

To enjoy a lucrative career in economics it’s good to network. Networking gives an economist the opportunity to meet people who can need their services in the near future. Joining economic associations is a good start. Work experience makes it easier for an economist to learn on the field. It’s also a chance to apply the knowledge gained in a practical setting.

According to economists, new laws and policies have significant impact on citizens of a country. It can help in development in the environment, education, health and agriculture sector. The importance of economist in the society is wide because their work and skills are applicable either directly or indirectly to every sector.

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