CCMP Capital Founded Success From Under The Leadership Of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is today, and has always been dedicated to providing their clients with premium strategies and advice in private investments. Today, the company has business locations located throughout the world in places such as New York, Tokyo, and London. The majority of clients that come to CCMP Capital are large corporations or high net worth groups, but they also work with high net worth individuals on occasion.

During his time in the field and at the company, Stephen Murray was recognized as one of the best in the industry before he passed away. To this day he is still regarded as an excellent leader and the driver behind CCMP Capital success from many of his former friends and colleagues at the company. Leaving off as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Stephen Murray managed to find a great deal of success during his career.

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Stephen started off working for Manufacturer Hanover Corporation in 1984, where he got to work as a credit trainee for one of the company’s projects. During his time on their forecasting project, Stephen Muurray CCMP Capital showed off his ability to work and take initiative, he had ambition. This lead him to becoming the company’s Vice president over time. This is when MH corporation ended up merging with another division and being taken over by Chemical Bank, which is where Stephen ended up because he was able to use his previous experience to join the company.

After going through from Chemical Bank, and finally ended up at JP Morgan when things stopped changing, Stephen nabbed a position in management, in control of buyouts for JP Morgan. This is around the time JP Morgan became a widely known name in the industry. Though this is where Stephen would really push his career, by co-founding Stephen Murray CCMP Capital as a spin off to JP Morgan in 2006. This new company was comprised of equity specialists of the takeover group, and put Stephen in charge as Chief Executive Officer. Everyone can agree this was a good decision, as Stephen managed to be a great leader and build the company very well.

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