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Spawn to Finally Get a Reboot

Spawn is one of the comic book franchises that were casualties of an earlier era of Hollywood when it just did not know how to handle adaptations. One of the issues with Hollywood is that it has given the projects to people who were not fans of the comic franchise. As a result of that and other issues, the films have turned out to be an insult to fans of the original source material. Fortunately, there has come to be an era where comic book movies are consistently good. They are also among the most popular franchises as of now.

One of the comic book movies that are being planned is a reboot to Spawn. Todd McFarlane is going to go in a different direction for this film. He is going to treat Spawn as not only a bit player, but also the antagonist even though he is a protagonist in the comic book. The 1997 film also depicted Spawn as the protagonist. However, the characters were handled in a way that did not give justice to the source material. The Spawn comic books were gruesome and gory. One of the biggest mistakes in the film was that it was shot for a PG-13 rating.

There was also an animated HBO series that was more true to the gruesome nature of the comics. There were a ton of scenes that were very disturbing to watch in the animated version. The story also featured quite a few characters that were left out of the live action movie version. Given that the reboot is going to focus more on the humans trying to catch the resurrected character, it is very likely that more of the human characters are going to be featured such as the two detectives that have been trying to catch the character.