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Paul Rudd Looked at For The Upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

There is a new Sonic the Hedgehog movie in the works. This one is going to be a live-action and CGI film featuring the blue blur character. As of right now, Paul Rudd is being looked at as a lead role. He is looked at for the role of the lead-cop who teams up with Sonic in order to take on Robotnik. Paul Rudd is known for his roles in the Judd-Apatow films and as Ant-Man.

Sonic is one of the most popular video game characters from Sega. There have been numerous games and plenty of productions in other media. There have been a lot of cartoons including the weekday cartoons and the Saturday morning cartoon. Even though these cartoons had nothing to do with each other, they shared the vocal talents of Jaleel White.

There has also been another movie made based on the video game character recently. It was a live-action CGI short that was released online. Among the actors that have featured in the film was Doug Walker. The budget was pretty low and the film was made for the internet and it shows. Given that this upcoming film is going to be released in theaters, it is very likely that the effects are going to be more refined. Therefore, Sonic and other characters are going to look more believable. The only thing that remains to be seen is the plot and the tone of the film. This may be the first video game movie that shows people that it is possible to make a good movie out of a game as simple as Sonic.