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How Corporate Resolutions Performs Executive Background Checks

Corporate Resolutions has a highly trained and experienced team that carries out executive background checks and investigations on fund managers, administrative teams, hires, vendors and partners in a bid to allow interested parties to make the right choices.

Here is how they get it done;

Private Equity Arrangements

If you are a private equity investor, they make sure that you have all information about the deals you want to close. Our review takes a look at a wide range of angles and spans multiple jurisdictions. They help you confirm the information presented to you as true. They also help you find red flags and also seek to establish facts that can help you at the bargaining stage.

Venture Capital Deals

VCs need to be absolutely sure about the credentials of the people they work with. Corporate Resolutions pores through volumes of data, looking into the reputations of possible investors, their conduct on social media and their credentials. The company then tables a report to the client’s desk.

Selection of Fund Managers

If you are looking at hiring a manager, you want them to be able to work with minimum hassle. You also want  them to be competent people with no record of criminal history, conflicts of interests or wrong credentials. They look at all facets of their personal and professional lives and examine how what they find could affect their work and then report back to you.

Board Member Appointments and Executive Hiring

A company needs to know precisely who they are hiring. They take a look at the candidates you submit to us, dissecting their past and diving deep to establish possible past infractions or red flags. At the end of our investigations, they are able to come up with a solid picture of the people you expect to fill senior level positions.

Vendor Screening and Pre-Engagement

Businesses deal with tens of thousands of clients, vendors or partners. Every new relationship comes with risks, and they help companies mitigate that. They take a look at prospective partners, ensuring that they are squeaky clean and cannot tarnish your brand in any way. They do this by checking out their history, credentials, and public outlook.

Due Diligence at the International Level

Our investigations have a global scope, where they work with over 75 countries. They have seasoned partners in our networks, and they come from highly specialized investigative backgrounds, which make it easy for them to go out there and collect the most elusive of data. This network helps move things faster because every asset in every country is tasked with very specific responsibilities.

IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies are always acquiring others, making joint venture deals or putting out large sums of money for investments. Before you go all in, you need to know what you are setting yourself up for. They begin by taking a look at the most valued players on your list and work our way down. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for triggers that could cause risk or embarrassment in the future. In overseas cases, they take special care to make sure data is collected on the ground and compared with what they already have.

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