Bruce Levenson Believes Effective Business Practices Are Important To Success

Renowned executive, Bruce Levenson, strongly believes strategic business skills
are essential to the advancement of a career. Formerly the owner of
the Atlanta Hawks, this prominent businessman is always seeking
lucrative investment opportunities in order to expand his portfolio of
experiences. As the current owner of United Communications Group, he
excels in developing effective practices that contribute to the
company’s bottom line. Most importantly, his noteworthy expertise
enables him to impart beneficial knowledge to new entrepreneurs,
business owners, and employees.

Leveson’s interest in finance and investment sparked at Washington
University and in 1971 he proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in
Political Science. After he received his degree, he pursued law at
American University and in three years he obtained his Juris Doctor.
Throughout his early years, he explored the practicality of efficient
business models and their corresponding relations to ample sales and
profit. This newfound awareness ultimately encouraged him to co-found
United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in the late seventies.
The goal of this Maryland based company is to facilitate strategic
solutions among local and global businesses in order to increase
profit and reduce risks. Moreover, the company is skill in advising small and large
corporations who specialize in technology, investments,
pharmaceuticals, and energy, and as a result, this well-known business
has received over 125 distinguished awards. For example, in 1978
Levenson and is team was recognized for their exceptional editorial
journalism. Remarkably, United Communications Group maintains many
passionate employees who have proudly served over 46 millions patrons
worldwide with offices in various locations such as the United States
and Europe.

Along with propelling United Communications Group, Levenson,
Peskowitz, and a group of leading executives have also effectively
driven the Atlanta Hawks. Essentially, during their ten year
ownership, this prominent team of unique businessmen has led the Hawks to
seven consecutive playoff tournaments and has contributed to their
outstanding 2014-2015 basketball season. In addition, Mike
Budenholzer, who is the current head coach and president of basketball
operations, was recognized during the 2015 NBA All-Star Game and three
Hawks players were nominated for the 2015 All-star team. Notably,
Levenson and his group of businessmen hopes to pass their knowledge to
Antony Ressler who just recently brought the team for approximately
$850 million. Although Ressler has ample business experience, he can
still learn effective managing techniques from the former business
partners. In particularly, he can study the correlation between the
team’s well-deserved acknowledgements and the previous businessmen’s
strategic business practices.

Undeniably, Levenson’s goal is to inspire others through his proven
track record of profound business success. Essentially, he believes
that anyone can achieve meaningful accomplishments and truly enjoys
helping eager individuals amass great profits.

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