Arnold Plans to Return For Another Terminator Film

By now, people are probably tired of the Terminator franchise. This is one of these franchises that no matter how much time is put between the installments, it is still lacking with each installment being worse than the last. Gone are the days when there was excitement for the sequel and that it has delivered. This was when James Cameron was directing the films. Both The Terminator and Terminator 2 have been released to great reviews. Terminator 3 was considered an inferior rehash of the first one. Terminator Salvation was actually an attempt to be different and was actually the direction they should have been going. However, the execution left a lot to be desired.


The latest disappointment was Terminator Genisys, which caused a lot of damage to the franchise in a multitude of ways. It has messed with the timeline and has basically took a dump on the story that we know and love. There is more cringe worthy news. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the terminator himself, has announced that he is willing to return for another installment. However, this one is going to be produced by James Cameron, who will retain the rights to the franchise in 2019. Therefore, the creators behind this franchise are working out a production to bring out before the rights revert back to the director of the original.


Fortunately, there is hope that the film might turn out to be decent given that James Cameron is going to be more involved with the project as the producer. James has brought forth ideas on where to go with the project.


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