A Guide for Selecting the Ideal Assisted Living Facility


It is never easy parting with your loved one as they go to get help in assisted living facilities. The least you can do, to feel better about the situation is ensure that your loved one settles in a facility that they will be comfortable in. This is a list of things you need to check when making a selection.


The type of meals served is a must check. The best way to do this is have a meal at the facility. This way, you will have first-hand information on the quality of meals. Therefore, you will be more comfortable leaving your loved one there. Be sure to ask when meals are served and if residents are allowed to have their meals in privacy.


The lack of freedom could lead to misery and even depression. When selecting an assisted living facility, it is important to ensure that they allow freedom of those living there. Members should be allowed to do most of what they did at the comfort of their home, with minimum supervision.

Homey Feel

Check the amenities and even furniture. Do they offer your loved one a homey feel or do they make them feel as if they are detained? Also, check the staff. Are they friendly? How well do they interact with members of the facility? Your loved one will be there a long time. Hence, it is paramount that they be around people who they are comfortable around.


Ensure that the assisted living facility is optimally clean. A clean environment not only ensures that your loved one enjoys their stay. Rather, it also rids of health hazards. Therefore, be sure to ask about housekeeping frequency.

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