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The Antique Wine Company Offers Unique Wines for Every Wine Connoisseur

The Antique Wine Company has worked hard to establish a great reputation around the world for its fine spirits and wines. This luxury wine company was founded more than a quarter of a century ago, and it is headquartered in central London with sales locations in Asia. Today, this company is famous for supplying fine wines to restaurants, private individuals and luxury hotels. Learn more about The Antique Wine Company (AWC) and its founder Stephen Williams.

The Antique Wine Company

This company excels in everything they do, and they offer many of the very best contemporary vintages available in addition to antique vintages. Over the years, AWC has become experts in the wine field, and they are internationally recognized for their fine wines, which delight wine connoisseurs worldwide.

AWC frequently provides expert advice to their customers, and they support the needs of wine patrons in private residences, luxury hotels and palaces around the world.

In 2011, The Antique Wine Company launched AWC Wine Academy. This UK venue provides education about fine wines, offers masterclasses and holds popular corporate events around fine wines, which are conducted by leading authorities on wine.

The wine academy brings people and wines together. The facility is modern and stylish, and it has tables designed for wine tasting, Riedel glassware, and it comes with designer light boxes.

Stephen Williams

At a young age of just 14 years old, Stephen worked at a Do It Yourself store, and he then progressed into the insurance field. However, something just wasn’t right for him. There was no enjoyment or satisfaction.

So, he began to look towards another career. Of course, he had to find a way to make his living and support himself financially, but he wanted to make people happy. Stephen had always been interested in fine wines, and he thought selling wines might just be what he had been looking for.

He began testing out the waters by holding wine tasting gatherings in people’s private homes. After some success, it was obvious to him that he had found his niche.

Stephen Williams founded The Antique Wine Company in 1989. Today, he runs the company and is the CEO. He has a staff of 15 exceptional employees, and the company is expected to earn more than 20 million Euros this year.

Lindsay Lohan struggles to complete community service in London

Lindsay Lohan has stated her desire to begin a new life in London during recent months, a choice a judge in Los Angeles approved of after allowing her to complete her community service in the English capital, The Guardianreports. The choice of community service options she could have taken up has seemingly left Lohan, her legal team and the judge in Los Angeles shocked at some of the items the actress chose to include in her finally completed community service list of tasks.

Fans like Bernardo Chua have learned that Lohan reached her original deadline for completing community service in November, with Lohan’s legal team arriving at court to inform the judge she had completed nearly half of the required 240 hours. An extension was granted until January, as the deadline drew closer the star of Speed the Plow was thought to have not completed her community service and was attempting to gain another extension.