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Renovia Inc, a company co-founded by Marc Beer will start production of new pelvic floor disorders products. The production starts after the company on Tuesday closed a $32 million Series B, together with venture debt of $ 10 million. The med-tech company which is based in Boston is generating numerous products for diagnosis and therapy of pelvic floor disorders treatment. These disorders include urinary incontinence that is approximated to affect 250 million women internationally. In April, the company’s first product Leva got approval from the FDA.

The Series B round was led by Perceptive Advisors based in New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri. The Longwood Fund also joined the second round. The Longwood Fund is a company investing in health care which earlier financed Renovia.

The Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Marc Beer stated the company’s excitement to have the support of the three groups that lead in healthcare investing. He further said that the company’s form factors and innovation, and proprietor sensor technologies combined with the digital platform will offer customers important data. These data will enable options for new technologies and enhance the knowledge and comprehension of the pelvic floor conditions. The data will also lower the cost of health care in the long run.

In Aug. 2006, Marc Beer co-founded Renovia with Yolanda Lorié and Ramon Iglesias, MD. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science from Miami University. Beer brings over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization to the company. These experiences are in devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and diagnostics. As a co-founder, Beer managed to close a series A funding with one of the top healthcare venture capital funds.

Aside from working at Renovia, Beer has worked in several other companies. He was ViaCell’s founding chief executive officer and Erytech Pharma’s board member. Beer also held different positions in Genzyme which included global marketing’s vice president. Additionally, he performed various roles in the sales and marketing divisions of Abbott Laboratories. Marc Beer also served as a member of various organizations. These include the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Miami University Business Advisory Council and Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. Learn more:

Flipping In No Secret At The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

So many people have dreams of financial freedom, but fail to put those dreams into a lucrative practice. Nick Vertucci followed his dream, and is now a prominent real estate investor who is dedicated to teaching others his system of real estate investing. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded by Nick as a way of bringing solutions to the many challenges that come with choosing a career in real estate. A system and community was created by Nick Vertucci that will allow you to succeed as he did by making millions in real estate.

Nick Vertucci came from an humble beginning. After the death of his father when Nick was ten, his mother struggled to make ends meet, and keep the family fed. Nick was on his own at age eighteen. He sold computers, made a decent living, then married. He is the father of three daughters. His computer business thrived until the crash of 2000. He lost everything except his home. Life was difficult at that time. A friend invited him to a three day real estate workshop which was the beginning of his interest in real estate. He absorbed all that he could at the seminar, then searched for more information on his own.

As his interest in real estate grew, Nick created a system that started to work for him. Using his system of solutions to the challenges in real estate, Nick became a millionaire within a decade. He took his proven system to the people. He wanted others who may have had dreams of being in real estate, to learn what worked for him. He founded The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy with a team of partners who were qualified, certified real estate professionals. He brought his system to the fore front, and it became the paramount of the real estate industry. The NVREA is located in Santa Ana, California. At the Academy, students are taught everything they need to know to face the daily challenges of the real estate business.

The teams at the Academy are dedicated to helping students find their success. They will teach the process of finding the deal, how to properly repair the property, and then how to put the property on the open market to sell. Students will learn how to buy wholesale, and how to flip properties. There is so much valuable information to learn at the NVREA.

Marc D. Beer

Marc D. Beer is a biotechnology executive with more than 20 years of experience in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Mr. Beer was the Chief Executive Officer of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals which produced various types of medications to treat specific diseases and illnesses.


Earlier in his biotech career, Marc held managerial positions at the following firms:


* ViaCell – company that specialized in preserving the blood stem cells of the umbilical cord


* Genzyme (Abbott Laboratories) – company that helped to develop treatments for rare diseases that were once considered untreatable.


* OvaScience – company that specializes in new treatments for couples and women struggling with infertility. OvaScience is merging with Millendo Therapeutics


* ERYTech Pharma – biopharmaceutical company that develops therapies for certain cancer and rare genetic diseases


* TxCell – company that develops T-cell immunotherapy systems


Marc Beer believes in making life better for people. For this reason, he created “Renovia, Inc.,” a medical diagnostic and therapeutic company. Marc serves as its Chief Executive Officer at its headquarters in Boston. Renovia will conduct clinical trials, produce medical products and develop many commercial ventures.


Marc founded Renovia to also research treatments to address the pelvic floor disorder. A pelvic floor issue involves incontinence which widely affects women around the globe. The Boston financial community stepped up with Marc enabling him to raise $42.3 million in financing for Renovia, Inc.


The FDA has already approved a Renovia product to address this health problem, which is the Leva device. The FDA has also approved certain drugs like the HoFH – homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia which is a rare disease that keeps high cholesterol levels within the body.


The Leva device is manufactured to strengthen the pelvic floor in women. The device is very innovative because it contains a sensor system that allows users to see the position of their pelvic floor muscles and to monitor any movement that is exerted during exercises.


Marc Beer received his Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is also very active on medical and research boards like Minerva Neurosciences of Waltham, MA, where he serves as Chairman. He is Chairman of the Board at Good Start Genetics, Inc. of San Francisco, CA.


Marc also sits on the Board of Directors at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization headquartered in Washington, DC. and the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation of North Attleboro, MA. Marc D. Beer is also a board member at the University of Notre Dame and RenaMed Biologics, Inc. Learn more :


Dr. Saad Saad, From Refugee to an Accomplished Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon, who has had a very successful 47-year career as a pediatric surgeon. Before retiring he was the co-director and surgeon-in-chief of K Hovnanian Children Hospital. Born in Palestine in the late 1940s, but because of the creation of Israel was reduced to the status of a refugee. Like so many other native Palestinians, his family was forced to relocate. Dr. Saad Saad’s family became refugees in the country of Kuwait.

In Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad experienced two fateful events that was to lift him from his status as a refugee to a prestigious career as a pediatric surgeon. First, while in school Dr. Saad Saad’s father told him that he needed to pursue a high education so that he may be respected by all. Second, Dr. Saad Saad experience a faithful heatstroke that convinced him not to pursue a career working as a laborer outdoor but rather one that would afford him the amenity of working in an air-conditioned environment. Since the only location with an air conditioner is the ER, Dr. Saad Saad set his mind to becoming a pediatric surgeon. To this end Dr. Saad Saad attended Cairo University in Egypt studying medicine and graduating therefrom with honors and ranking second in his class.

Eventually, Dr. Saad Saad was able to immigrate to the United States, where he did a residency in pediatric surgery. Thereafter, Dr. Saad Saad was able to further distinguish himself by becoming a United States Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. This accomplishment together with his ability to fluently speak both English and Arab made possible his obtainment of the prestigious position of pediatric surgeon to the children of the Saudi royal family in the 1980’s.

Doctor Saad Saad’s legacy in pediatric medicine includes making it easier and safer to perform procedures on children. In order to achieve this, Dr. Saad Saad developed several new procedures. One such procedure permitted the elimination of a previously required second incision but produced the same result. This new procedure not only spared a second incision for over two thousand children but also the possibility of complication that may result therefrom. Apart from developing new procedures, Dr. Saad Saad also devised two enhancement to existent medical devices. The first enhancement was to the endoscope, which is currently being used by doctors around the world. This enhanced endoscope has a suction device on its end to suck bodily fluids so that the endoscope does not become fogged-up requiring it to be taken out for cleaning. This enhanced endoscope saves a great deal of valuable time for the pediatric surgeon. The second enhancement was to the catheter. This enhanced catheter has a built-in electromagnetic location device in one of its ends to allow doctors to detect its location inside of a patient with a hand-held device, which eliminates the need for harmful X-rays and MRIs that includes unwieldy MRI machines.

Dr. Saad Saad believes if a Palestinian refugee can achieve the success he achieved in his life and his career as a pediatric surgeon, anyone can achieve success in his/her life and career. Dr. Saad Saad believes that “reaching your goals in not impossible if you insist on it.” Learn more :

Dherbs cleanse -For Optimal Well-being and Health


Our bodies are powerful machines, and when we adequately take care of them, they become even better and efficient at carrying out metabolic processes and staying healthy. However, as someone once said, you are what you eat, and if the only thing you feast on is junk and processed foods, then it should not surprise you if your health goes south. In other words, when a person takes lots of vegetables, plant-based proteins, lean proteins, fruits and even nuts his/her body becomes stronger and beautiful. To help you achieve such results, a company named Dherbs has taken the idea of nutrition eating a notch higher with tons of herbal and plant-based tablets.


Understanding the Dherbs full cleanse


Their full cleanse uses the vast majority of natural ingredients from traditional Asian medicines that have been used for centuries hence proven to be effective. According to the firm’s purge management, their products help restore the human body to its glorious state of well-being.


They also offer a full body cleanse which is the perfect weight loss solution for anyone seeking to lose extra slabs of body fat. Apart from helping you lose around 10 to 30 pounds within 20 days, Dherbs Instagram also states that the product leaves your body rejuvenated as it more like a detox product.


It is an all in one product as it also helps in boosting a person immune system, improving their looks, rejuvenating their body; strengthen a person’s body and regulating their body functions. Other functions of the cleanse including enhancing the skin, reducing craving for sugary and junk foods and providing personal esteem and sense of well-being.


More about the cleanse


Taking the full body cleanse is meant to provide you with self-control energy that gives your mind a subconscious look and weight loss. The product has natural products formulated together to offer safe weight release formula. The ingredients range from Gymnema leaf famed for its ability to enhance digestion, and overall health condition, the Garcinia fruit which is best for burning thermogenic fat and Green Tea Leaf which often packs useful antioxidants that help burn fat. Others include African Mango seed for improving digestion and the Aloe Vera leaf which benefits your health and leaves you with glowing skin. You have all the reasons to believe that the product will work as the company has been here since 2004.

The cleanse is well reviewed, and remains popular with the people who have tried this in the past.

Who is Johanan Rand?


Johanan Rand is known for being the doctor with the holistic approach. With a strong focus on issues related to aging, Rand finds it to be his mission to help those young at heart find their youth once again. Rand received his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center located in New York. He operates the entire Health Aging Medical Centers, and it’s in these places where he works hard on facing the issues of the aging. He is known for integrating the most powerful approaches to attaining better health through more unconventional holistic ways.


Patients are finding it amazing being able to jump to Google and and empower themselves with knowledge that could improve their lives. With research oftentimes leading to alternatives that could result in injury, sometimes these approaches are dangerous and not safe, and this is why it’s vital to speak to a doctor like Rand. Making health-related choices and decisions without a professional doctor’s advice can take a wrong turn if not wise.


Rand is a leader in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation industry. This specific program has been recognized American Medical Association in 1947. It has a strong focus on improving the genuine quality of life instead of just finding a quick solution to fix the problem temporarily, as most doctors do that.


Johanan Rand is a powerful doctor in this time because of how well he relates to his patients and can help people on issues that other doctors would say isn’t for them. People dealing with insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, depression, or even a low sex drive can speak to Johanan Rand and receive help on any of these specific problems. He can help you figure out what is causing such a lack in these areas, alongside what is the internal issue inside that is causing such a problem.


Rand is here to help those find the answer to their aging related issues. Women and men everywhere are finding it tough to stay healthy and youthful, but he can provide you with all the right tools and lifestyle changes to fix exactly that.


Stansberry Research Empowers Investors Around the Globe

An independent financial corporation which offers research in an unbiased manner to subscribers is Stansberry Research. The firm was founded in 1999. Frank Porter Stansberry is the founder and Editor of the firm which is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Stansberry Research provides investment insight to over 500,000 subscribers around the globe. There are over 175 analysts who provide information to readers of the publication. Readers receive research and insight which allows them to manage their investments. Subscribers are located in over 100 countries. In addition to providing written material to subscribers, the firm also offers software.


Stansberry Research subscribers can receive insight on finances and business from multiple sources. The Stansberry Investment Advisory is a publication in which Frank Porter Stansberry acts as the Editor. An additional publication, True Wealth began in 2001 is edited by Steve Sjuggerud. Investors may choose to participate in the Portfolio Solutions which offers a variety of services for investors to select the level of assistance they would like to receive from the firm. Additionally, investors can choose from the specialty services provided which offers information based on the risk tolerance of the clients. Individuals interested in receiving information about business topics from the firm can listen to Stansberry Investor Hour which has episodes provided on the YouTube social media channel hosted by Porter Stansberry and Buck Sexton. Currently, there are over 4000 YouTube channel subscribers. Also, the show airs each Thursday on iTunes.


There are testimonies provided by subscribers who are pleased with the services provided by Stansberry Research. One subscriber wrote that the income obtained from the recommendations provided exceeds their retirement income. A pleased customer indicated that the company has high standards which exceeds the competition. Subscribers appreciate the type of investments which are provided in the newsletter which identifies investments that can yield high earnings.


Jeff Aronin; Bio-scientist with a Philanthropist Heart

Jeff Aronin has spent the past twenty years producing businesses in the biotech and health care sectors. Jeff is a specialist in the bioscience sector and with his experience and insight, he’s made a difference in the fields of rare diseases, drug development, and complicated science.


He’s the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a biotechnology incubator and investment firm he established to assist patients living with serious and rare ailments which frequently have no accepted therapies. Paragon Bioscience portfolio businesses use advanced research approaches to discover new drugs and medications.


Representing an innovative method of treating disorders, Paragon Biosciences attempts to discover new therapies exceeding those known to modern medicine. Even though the attempts of scientists across the generations have succeeded in producing groundbreaking procedures for treating ailments, Jeff Aronin would like to select the biotechnology to a different level.


The business is focused on helping individuals who struggle with diseases for which there are only a couple of treatment alternatives available or none exist in any way. To do that, Paragon Biosciences produces and develops innovative medical firms with the aim to make new prescription drugs and pioneering treatments.


Aronin had marketed Ovation Pharmaceuticals, employing the selling as a way to initiate a new business focused on unmet medical needs. Jeff Aronin finally founded Paragon Biosciences, an incubator and investor for biotechnology companies creating life-changing therapies, where he serves as company CEO.


Through time Jeff Aronin has fine-tuned his abilities in the fields of brand promotion, finance, and business development. His expertise has also made it possible for him to entice top CEO’s and leading scientists into the firms comprised within his portfolio, and also assist the businesses have a successful beginning.


Jeff Aronin functions as the non-executive chairman of many Paragon portfolio firms and he’s been recognized by various organizations for his work. By Way of Example, Jeff received the”Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award” along with also the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award for his devotion to the bioscience business.


Barbara Stokes Is Here To Help

Barbara Stokes is a distinguished business woman who helps lead the Disaster Relief Construction Industry to GSH of Alabama, LLC. She is a graduate of Mercer University where she studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

During her time at Mercer University, she also took some time to study Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communication, Structures and Properties of Materials, and Thermodynamics. Along with being the Chief Executive Officer of GSH of Alabama, LLC, she tends to make donations of large amounts to many different charities. One of her most recent donations was given to Habitat for Humanity. Barbara and her company donated one thousand sheets of drywall, and over eighty thousand square feet of linoleum flooring which was valued at over one hundred thousand dollars. Follow Barbara Stokes on

I read about this large contribution in an article by In this article it talked about how Barbara Stokes had donated all those materials, but it also talked about how the materials were of a very high quality. The materials are all mold, mildew, and pest resistant along with their hurricane-rated structural integrity which will help them last many years. Also stated in the article, Habitat for Humanity was able to put all those materials to good use in the Huntsville area. After reading about Barbara Stokes and how she helps many different charities, It seems like she has a warm heart. All the contribution she has made throughout her life have made it easier for different families to feel safe and have a place to live.


Nick Vertucci – Real Estate Writer and Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci started a computer accessory business shortly after his 18th birthday. While it was highly prolific, this business quickly came to an end in 2000, when the world experienced a serious dot-com crash. Shortly after this, he enrolled in a real estate academy and attended a few seminars. Later this breakthrough he had in the real estate arena that leads to financial freedom.

After Nick Vertucci entered into the real estate business, he worked his way up to being a real estate investor. Later, he started his company, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is more commonly known as NVREA.

Nick Vertucci entered the field of real estate in 2000 when his internet business based on computer parts took a turn for the worse. To save his finances, he attended a seminar focused on real estate flipping, and how to apply the principles of investment to the field. He soon realized that there is very little known to the public about the amount of profit available in the real estate sector, and he developed the ‘Fortunes in Flipping System,’ which has helped thousands of people turn their financial situations around.

 Where Did the Concept for NV Real Estate Originate

In 2000, when many tech businesses were forced to close their doors, including his own, Nick Vertucci founded NV Real Estate. This company focuses on training people on how to invest in real estate, renovate homes, and sell them for a profit. His investments started small, and he could only invest in one property at a time.

His first property was a struggle, but it opened the door to the opportunity of financing a second property, and then a third. Over time, his hard work built its self into a massive development and an academy that teaches people about how to invest in the real estate market.