Colleen Wing Character to Appear in The Defenders

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Marvel Cinematic Universe/Netflix fans are really looking forward to the upcoming Defenders series. The 8-part adventure brings all the characters from the Netflix canon together. This means Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are all going to join together to battle some devious threat to the streets of New York.


There’s another reason why so many are looking forward to the new Defenders series. Lots of folks simply want to put the Iron Fist fiasco behind them. Ironically, the return of Jessica Henwick’s character Colleen Wing is something fans are looking forward to. Henwick absolutely stole the show right out from under the lead hero and was the one bright spot in an otherwise lame Iron Fist mini-series.


A lot has been written about what went wrong with Iron Fist. A combination of weak casting and very poor episodic writing led to a very rushed project. Iron Fist was a total critical dud. The idea of a second season is very much in doubt.


Would a spinoff be possible, though? Honestly, there is no reason why Colleen Wing cannot have her own series. The character has her own Marvel Comics series. A Netflix series based on her adventures would be a nice addition to the roster.


In a way, the popularity of Henwick and the Colleen Wing character is reminiscent of the success of The Punisher in Daredevil season two. Fans took to The Punisher immensely. The violent anti-hero’s tale seemed far more compelling than the main action of the story. As a result, The Punisher was approved for a full Netflix series even though this never was the original plan.


And what is the deal on Daredevil season three? Did The Punisher bump the third season?


Likely, there is going to be a Daredevil season three. Hopefully, a first season of a Colleen Wing series is in the works, too.


Delving into the Sky Zone Trampoline Park and the Mind Behind It

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Many attorneys eventually become entrepreneurs and company owners. It is a trend that has repeated itself thousands of times in the legal picture of professionals who form themselves in the school of law. Eventually, they will start their own business, maybe because of the school of law, depending on the university you graduate from, has classes related to business management or administration, which makes many businesspeople consider delving into the professional.



It is also linked to a broad understanding of business construction and startup development because of many attorneys who have to be informed about the subject because of the extensive laws that cover company owners and the rules of starting a company, the rules of patented content, etc. because of many clients who are company owners themselves, this leads the professionals to begin their paths in the entrepreneur field.



This is the case of the legal expert and former attorney Andrew Rocklage. He now runs his own business in Boston, is the owner and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park, and it was an idea that is making tons of success as a park for families and kids to delve, with the unique idea of having the sole focus of a playground with trampolines that throws people very high in the skies, as the name suggests.



After graduating from the renowned Suffolk University Law School, Andrew Rocklage went to graduate in the Isenberg, School of Management, of course, since he saw a lot of his passion in the realm of business administration.



After having worked as a Law Clerk for the lawyers’ team of Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. and, after that, for the group Avery, Dooley & Noone, LLP, his business career began.



He has also worked for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals as their legal consultant, but he had already delved into the realm of a business owner and startup development, while the idea for the Sky Zone Trampoline Park was already in his mind.



It wouldn’t take too long until the creation of the park, in August 2015. The inauguration was a success. The idea of an indoors trampoline park where kids and their families can play trampoline dodgeball and have birthday parties and family reunions were what made the concept such a positive thing for the communities of the U.S.



The park can be found in Torrance, Westminster, Covina, and other localities in the U.S.



The biggest interests of Andrew Rocklage in his free time are photography, technology, designing new things and coming up with innovative ideas like the Sky Zone Park, and, according to his social media, he loves coffee as well.



Andrew Rocklage can be found on Facebook and Twitter or at his page, where you can learn more about his extensive career history and what led to the professional decision of switching to business ownership.


Greg Secker Wears Many Hats

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Though Greg Secker is a standout talent in the world of public speaking, he is also an accomplished entrepreneur, master trader, and a passionate philanthropist.


Secker spent several years as a financial trader before he began publicly speaking about his experiences. The English businessman started his venture into the industry as a developer of foreign exchange trading systems employed by Thomas Cook Financial Services. Only a year after he graduated from the University of Nottingham he was awarded with the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce.


Secker’s career really took off after he made the shift to the foreign exchange business and created the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), a first of its kind real-time Forex trading platform. His ownership of VTD landed him the position of Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation.


At Mellon Financial he learned invaluable information about financial trading from proven traders. He decided to use the information he had gathered and apply it to his personal trading. His account rose to a degree where he felt comfortable leaving the company and becoming a full-time forex trader. He then set up a trading floor in his living room and began advising people on trading strategies. In a few months he created his second company Knowledge to Action Group, aka Learn to Trade.


Learn to Trade has grew vastly in the last decade. Hundreds of thousands of people have attended workshops and trading seminars hosted by the company. Secker is now an international speaker who’s spoken on numerous significant market channels like CNBC and Bloomberg. His speeches are known to be both helpful and captivating.


A millionaire by his mid twenties Secker believes he’s been blessed exponentially and has a duty to give back. He has provided funding to a variety of charitable causes over the years. In 2011 he founded the Greg Secker foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals find happiness.


Secker is also an author. He has written several books that expand upon the things he says in his speeches during seminars. Some of the more noticeable ones are Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success and The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success.


Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Fund Seeks New Path to Success

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Running a non profit is not a task that anyone should undertake lightly. The truth is that success in the non profit world is hard to come by and the stakes are already so high. Jacob Lief is the founder and chief executive of the Ubuntu Education Fund. It has been his goal to bring education to the impoverished and at risk children that live in Port Elizabeth — a township in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Lief’s work is obviously changing the lives of the people he helps and as a result it is of the utmost importance that his charity stay efficient and effective.


Jacob Lief was on a speaking gig at the World Economic Forum for it’s yearly gathering in Davos. Lief was looking around the room when a realization hit him: “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Lief had finally stumbled upon a concept that a great many non profit leaders would come to: even if the money was coming in, it didn’t mean that it was getting to where it needed to go. For Lief this meant that change needed to occur and it didn’t to start happening quickly.


So, this brought Jacob Lief to the board at the Ubuntu Fund. The board, which includes prolific philanthropist Andrew Rolfe, helped to green light a new approach to to raising funds. Lief would go on to call this approach the ‘Ubuntu Model’. The Ubuntu Model, as it would turn out, is a change in donation fueling that focuses exclusively on high end benefactors and grounded family funds. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board wanted to focus on raising funds that made a difference, that could come in without any strings attached.


Benefactors, as Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief know, are the fuel for a non profit to succeed. However, those same benefactors can become overbearing when they make extensive demands and requirements. Andrew Rolfe, for example, is not one of those kinds of benefactors. Rolfe has donated over $100,000 of his own money to the Ubuntu Fund over the past several years, all the while allowing the fund to do its job.


Val Kilmer Wants To Be Batman Again

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Val Kilmer would welcome a return to the cape and cowl. Yes, Val Kilmer has publicly stated he would be interested in playing Batman once again. Kilmer appeared as The Dark Knight in the 1990’s endeavor Batman Forever.


Batman Forever is hardly considered a classic of the Batman mythos. Kilmer’s performance was not bad, but it was hardly a performance that is remembered with awe by fans. Kilmer’s comments about want to play Batman again does have some marketing benefits associated with it.


Kilmer is 57 years old, which could allow him to play the role of an older Batman ala The Dark Knight Returns. He is absolutely not going to play Batman on the big screen. Ben Affleck has that locked up. Kilmer’s star has long faded and he is not going to draw in audiences to a big screen Dark Knight Returns project. Besides, there are no plans to make a Dark Knight Returns film.


Could Kilmer appear as Batman in a video game? This is possible, but not very likely. The drawing power of Kilmer would be too minuscule. Likely, Kilmer made an off-the-cuff comment that some are taking seriously. Whether or not Kilmer takes the comment seriously or really meant it is anyone’s guess.


Kilmer was thought to be the perfect replacement for Michael Keaton. The problem was no one knew what direction to take the Batman franchise after Keaton and director Tim Burton left the series. While Batman Forever was a disappointment, Batman and Robin was a notorious franchise-ruining fiasco.


Yes, all this sounds a little bleak but the bleakness is based on the truth about the failures of the original Batman franchise. Kilmer may be able to celebrate his role as Batman by appearing at conventions. A return to the costume, however, is not likely at all.


‘Tremors 6’ Set for January 2018 Release

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The storied horror franchise known as “Tremors” will see a sixth installment hit the small screen on January 30th of next year. After his run on the classic NBC sitcom “Family Ties,” few saw that Michael Gross would better establish himself as an the recurring character of a horror franchise dedicated to subterranean creatures. The comparisons between Gross’ two characters could be more opposed: Steven Keaton is a liberal ex-hippie while Burt Gummer is a gun-carrying survivalist.


Initially considered nothing more than a comedic supporting role in 1990’s “Tremors,” Gummer went on to become the only character to appear in every Tremors film as well as its 2003 television series on the SyFy Channel. After more than a decade of quiet, Gross returned to the Tremors franchise with 2015’s Tremors 5. Fall of 2016 saw Universal Studios announcing that the Tremors franchise would continue in a sixth film. Both Gross and his on-screen sidekick, Jamie Kennedy, will be returning to the project, as will the director and writer for Tremors 5. Filming for the project began this year and Gross recently commented on social media to inform fans that the newest film would be distributed among home media at the end of January. January 30th may be farther than many fans expect, especially when direct-to-video films entail less of a time gap between filming and the final product.


Filming for Tremors 6 occurred within South Africa, just like Tremors 5. The basic story of Tremors 6 is that Gummer and Welker will be heading up north to a Canadian research lab in order to hunt the latest generation of iconic Graboid monsters. Before the duo can make their discoveries known, Gummer becomes envenomed by Graboids and forced to learn how to milk one for antivenin or die within 48 hours.


Supergirl Success Helps Wonder Woman Demand

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When it comes to movies, the importance of marketing cannot be stressed enough, since getting the word out can often mean the difference between a film’s success or failure. In the case of the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie, the marketing question is one to come up now.


“Wonder Woman” is due to be released in about a month and yet fans have noticed that there hasn’t been nearly as much promotion of the film, if any at all. Odd because the previous Batman and Superman movies saw a ton of promotion and DC fans noticed, but the question is how come Wonder Woman is taking a hit? The answer might be because the movie doesn’t really need that much help.


Because of the success of “Supergirl,” one of DC’s many shows to air on the CW, it appears that the demand for a female superhero franchise may have been met and is already present. Kristen O’Hara, the chief marketing officer for Time Warner spoke in Las Vegas this week and said that being able to market to the right audience in this age is much different than in the past because while flooding the marketing makes sense, it might not be the best strategy.


Naturally, the lack of marketing would worry a ton of DC fans that the DC Universe is going to take another hit due to the reception of past movies. According to O’Hara, the marketing campaign for Supergirl’s second season showed that they could have a modest campaign and use that to record data for the fanbase, which started with having five million female superhero fans in one week, a number that increased steadily over the course of fifteen months.


David Giertz Explains Why Financial Advisers Should Talk about Social Security

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David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors. He has over 31 years experience as a financial adviser, and is registered with FINRA as a broker.

In a 2014 interview with Veronica Dagher, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser, David Giertz stressed the importance of financial advisers speaking to their clients about social security. He discussed a survey that Nationwide Retirement Institute initiated with consumers of retirement age and within ten years of retirement. The results of the survey showed that most financial advisers were not speaking to their clients about social security. He said it’s important for financial advisers to talk to clients about social security from a retention perspective, because four out of five consumers in the survey stated that they would change advisers if their adviser didn’t discuss social security.

David Giertz explained that some advisers might avoid the topic because social security is a very complex issue and can be hard to understand. However, social security can play a big part in a client’s retirement plan, totaling up to forty percent of a client’s income. The client’s social security income should be included in the retirement planning process at If a client starts collecting social security too early, the person could lose up to $12,000 per year.

The survey also showed that many consumers have misunderstandings about how social security works. By discussing this issue on, financial advisers can prevent clients from losing money in their retirement.

David Giertz’s firm, Nationwide Financial Distributors, sells life insurance and annuities, offers investment advisory services, and is a mutual fund underwriter.

New Twin Peaks Trailer Gives Sneak Peek

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Fans of the show Twin Peaks have been stockpiling their coffee, donuts, and cherry pie in preparation for the new season, which will air on Showtime May 21st, 2017. Recently, fans were treated to a split-second sneak peek at a scene from the new season, and it has the Internet in an uproar.


A trailer (entitled “The Darkness of Future Past,” which is a direct reference to the beautifully crafted monologue lines spoken by Mike/”The One-Armed Man”) for the new season showing almost exclusively footage from the first two seasons and from the prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me features a tracking scene of the woods which appears to be new.


There has been a lot of secrecy behind the new season since it was announced that showrunners David Lynch and Mark Frost were reviving this long-loved show. There are no known on-set images floating around the Internet, and the cast and crew aren’t giving away too many details. In fact, we only really know who is back, who did not return for this new season, and that it is taking place 25 years after the events of the Season Two finale that aired on June 10th, 1991.


This new split-second footage has fans wondering if it was shot specifically for the trailer or if it will actually be featured in an episode from the new season. But one thing is for sure – there is still something very strange in those old woods. Fans will have to tune in on May 21st to see just what the new season of Twin Peaks has in store.


The Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Soon Arrives

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The new trailer for Blade Runner 2049 will soon be upon us. The trailer is slated to precede the film Alien: Covenant. Movie fans know Ridley Scott created both Blade Runner and Alien. Likely, Alien: Covenant is going to be a big hit. A great many eyes are going to see the trailer. Blade Runner 2049 really does need an impressive trailer in order to be successful. Not everyone has long memories nor has a number of younger audience members even seen the first Blade Runner movie.


A good trailer and accompanying television spots could do a lot to stimulate interest in Blade Runner 2049. And questions marks do exist regarding how much of an audience is out there for this film. Science-fiction is popular, but the dark nature of the original Blade Runner is likely to reappear in the sequel. Most successful sci-fi these days is escapist and fun fare.


Yet, a solid trailer could do a lot to intrigue significant numbers of Alien: Covenant audience members to check the film out. That could lead to a solid opening weekend at the box office. From there, good word of mouth may help ticket sales remain solid for some time.


Blade Runner 2049 is a unique film and it could end up becoming a cult classic just like the original. If so, then the sequel will continue to generate money for years and years. A special edition DVD or Blu-ray set probably would sell exceptionally among fans. Yes, this is a different type of film with an equally different business model.


In order to be a true success, the sequel cannot disappoint. A poorly written or weakly directed sequel would be met with scorn from long-time Blade Runner fans. Hopefully, the creative talent behind Blade Runner 2049 are going to deliver a very special and excellent film.