Working With Supermodels Is Both Fun and Not

The book “Have I Said Too Much?” is named with a question to which the answer is yes… The author is Caroline White, who has been a Supermodel agent in many years and had to deal with the most awkward and challenging situations.

Igor Cornelsen ( has learned that some of the stories that she revealed are both worth laughing and crying at. From an unnamed supermodel who demanded to see the pilot of the plane to tell him that she did not like the hard boiled egg they served her, to another model missing her plane to Denmark, at which Caroline White had to figure out how to book a private jet. Some stories in the book are about well known names such as Claudia Schiffer who wanted to negotiate the price right before going on the stage for a presentation, claiming a bigger sum. Well chosen moment, but the manager was not the right person, and they promptly replaced the model with another beauty, refusing her service even when she wanted to work for the old price.

Some private information about models paying someone else to hold their bag at the disco, someone really wanting to change her name to 1981, and two models napping in the park in Paris are also in the book.

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