Will The Crow Franchise Get Back on its Feet?

Fans of The Crow from 1994 may have to wait a little while longer for a new movie in that franchise. Recent development shows that actor Jack Huston has dropped out of playing a villan of the rock star Eric Draven, who was originally played by Brandon Lee in the 1994 original. Director Corin Hardy says that, despite losing a key actor in the film, he will continue to pursue the making of the movie.

Manta suggests that rumor has it that Nicholas Hoult or Hack O’Connel may play the lead in the movie, but nothing has been confirmed.

Based on a 1989 comic by James O’Barr, the story follows Eric Draven on his quest to avenge his fiance’s brutal murder. Attempts at remaking and continuing the story over the last decade have been stopped dead in their tracks many times, leading some to believe that the movie production is cursed. Original actor Brandon Lee died in production.

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