Why You Should See Magic Mike XXL Now!

“Magic Mike XXL” hit theaters in early July, 2015 and was an instant smash. This sequel to the equally popular “Magic Mike” was an incredibly enjoyable, fun, and just an overall great time to watch.

Staring Hollywood heart-throb Channing Tatum, the movie is about a crew of male strippers. In the previous movie Channing Tatum was just a grunt worker at a sketchy, but incredibly sexy male strip club. In this movie his character “Mike” decides to come out of retirement and reunite with his old dance crew.

He and his friends soon set the stage, and the women lucky enough to watch, on fire as he gyrates and grinds his way to 120 minutes of sheer fun and enjoyment. The movie stars many of the original movies cast, with some exclusions.

A huge draw to this movie is its vast array empowered female characters. A movie about males dancing for females pleasure, inverting usual Hollywood expectations, is good enough. Further though, the script has a ton of highly empowered, incredible characters and really competent and good actors to play them.

One of the more notable performances of the movie was Crystal Hunt’s portrayal of the character Lauren. One of the various strong women portrayed in the film, Lauren is a woman some of the male characters are drawn towards. She portrays a woman in control of her self and her surroundings and that is rare and different in a Hollywood movie of this production value.

“Magic Mike XXL” is Crystal Hunt’s first foray into a featured role in a Hollywood blockbuster. She’s performed as, and is most well known for, her roles on television. More specifically, her best known role till now has been her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She was given a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for this role. “Magic Mike” is hopefully a watershed moment for this talented actresses career. Right now Crystal can be found on social media, where she’s known for interacting with fans on Facebook, as well as posting behind the scenes pictures on Instagram.

Her portrayal and the other women of the movie’s portrayal of strong women, the men’s steamy dancing, and the overall fun-loving, party, good-time vibe the movie gives off are just some of the reason this movie is a great choice for your next movie night.

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