Why Susan McGalla Believes that Executive Sponsorship can Mitigate Gender Discrimination at Workplaces

A new survey on performance in workplaces has found out that companies with gender diversity are 35 percent likely to perform better than those without. A company with a gender-diverse workforce can succeed because it is open to new ideas. This is because when both men and women work in the company, they give different perspectives that can help the venture grow.

Executive Sponsorship

In the present day employment sector, women experience difficulty when they are trying to reach high-ranking job positions. Susan McGalla, whose efforts to serve in a high-level position paid off, believes that gender discrimination at workplaces can be mitigated through sponsorship opportunities.

According to her, hardworking women should find an executive who can serve as their benefactor. The sponsor’s work is to advocate for women when they are working on crucial assignments. When a woman receives such support, she is more likely to outperform her male colleagues and serve as an executive.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant and businessperson. As a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she served in the CEO position at Wet Seal and as president at the American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla also provides strategic planning insights to the boards of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute Foundation and HFF as a member. She plays a directorial role at Allegheny Conference on Community.

The University of Pittsburgh also benefited from her insights when she was a trustee of the higher learning institution. Susan McGalla is the creative force behind P3 Executive Consultant, which focuses on executive consulting services. She came up with the idea of P3 Executive Consulting after leaving Wet Seal. Her vision was to create a company that serves high-ranking professionals with consulting services. The Pittsburgh Steelers also hired her to work as VP of business strategy and creative development. She currently works for the company in that capacity.

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