Why Does Glenn Beck Hate George Soros?

Billionaire investor George Soros Nazi has several distinctions – dual citizenship, leading philanthropist and a negotiator in Hungary’s peaceful political transition. Now Soros also claims a new distinction – hated by ultra-right-wing personality, radio show host and best-selling author Glenn Beck, star of the 2010 three-hour Fox program against Soros called “The Puppet Master?”

World War II: What’s Old is New Again

Beck’s beef centers on George Soros’ activities in his native Hungary during World War II. Soros, then 14, worked as a messenger boy for Budapest’s Jewish Council. History would later paint the Jewish Councils in Europe as tools of the Nazis, but at the time, Jewish Councils were seen as the only way to keep Jewish local populations alive.

The New Yorker reported in 2010 that Soros survived because his father was able to convince local Nazis that the Soros family was not Jewish, when in fact it was. Back in those “Kafkaesque times” as award-winning reporter and child of Budapest Jewish parents Kati Martin describes, it was every man for himself in order to survive. Jews that obeyed Nazi laws died. Those that somehow found a way around the Nazi laws lived. It was that simple. Surviving the Holocaust should not be considered a crime.

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Is Soros An Anti-Semite?

Beck’s main contention in his programs concerning Soros is that Soros is not only out to bring down established governments, but also is a raging Anti-Semite. These are familiar charges against Soros by people who profited from Hungary’s Communist rule and were therefore annoyed when Communism was toppled.

However, there is no proof that Soros or the Soros family actively worked to harm Jews anywhere in the world. Beck’s comments that Soros and his family are Anti-Semitic are themselves being called Anti-Semitic by news sources such as The Daily Beast, The Nation and The New Yorker.

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