What You Will Find At Workville


The workplace culture is on its way to big changes in the future, and that could be thanks in part to coworking spaces such as Workville, a popular Manhattan-based shared office space. Coworking spaces were started both as a convenience to remote workers and independent contractors, and because they represent a shift in dynamics for the workplace overall. Working from a traditional office space has its place, a regular schedule and surrounded by coworkers who can keep you moving, and an active social life to go with it. But it can also be demanding and sometimes stressful for others. Working from home can be convenient, not having to drive through traffic or worry about dressing up every day and being free to work at your own pace. But it can come with distractions and sometimes feelings of isolation. But that’s where a place like Workville comes in.


Coworking spaces like Workville allow workers to be surrounded by people with similar interests, and even at times the chance to take on another job or make a little more money. But Coworking spaces also provide things to workers such as high-speed internet they wouldn’t get at home, landline phones for business use, office equipment such as printers and fax, and even activities for after hours. And workers still have complete independence to go to their coworking space whenever they want, or to take time off for vacations or emergencies. All in all, coworking spaces provide the needed balance between worker independence, yet also providing structure and a social environment.


Workville is a luxurious coworking space where workers not only rub shoulders with many brilliant entrepreneurs, but also have access to top quality amenities. Workville is located in central Manhattan, not far from transportation hubs and metro stations, and is surrounded by many shops and cafes. Workville provides workplace options ranging from open lounge and café area usage, to private office spaces and dedicated desks. Workville also allows you to schedule meetings, reserve conference rooms, or even host company private parties and functions through reservation. You can find out more about Workville by visiting www.workvillenyc.com.

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