Universal Wisdom Enters the Mainstream with the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah is a set of teachings that have been handed down among members of the Jewish faith since ancient times, but has remained shrouded in mystery for the majority of people after many of the teachings have never been released to the public. Studying the Kabbalah is thought to bring devotees a deeper understanding of the world around them and the chance to explore the mysticism of the universe as a whole; in fact the chance to understand the universal wisdom of the universe is something most Kabbalah students are searching for.


The Kabbalah Centre, a global group teaching the mysteries of this traditional part of Judaism has opened up these teachings to the world by creating a teaching program that can be enjoyed by people of almost any belief system. Taking the basis for its teachings from a Rabbi who looked to bring Kabbalah to the mainstream as early as the 1920s, Rav Philip Berg has continued the work of earlier religious teachers in opening the doors to the first incarnation of the Kabbalah Centre in 1965 before finding success by opening the home he shared with wife Karen to the public to spread the learning across the planet.


Teaching of the Kabbalah are designed to highlight the fact we do not see the majority of the world and universe around us as our senses are closed off to around 99 percent of the planet that surrounds us. The spiritual teachings were said to be so difficult to understand that many of the teachers who decoded the many stories often passed down orally would be driven insane by their new found understanding of the universe.


Despite going through something of a resurgence during the Middle Ages the teachings remained largely hidden until the 1980s when the Kabbalah Centre began bringing its understanding of the teachings to the people of the world. Many of the traditional aspects of Judaism remain integral to the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre, including a strong belief in astrology and Klippot, which is a blockage halting those not yet enlightened from looking beyond the traditional five senses.

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