Tyson Food Will No Longer Use the Same Antibiotics Used on Humans

Antibiotics changed human history by offering a simple medication to cure diseases that were once responsible for widespread illness and death. Though, these powerful medications have started to make history for the wrong reasons.

Antibiotics have long been used in the farming industry with alarming quantity. Farm animals are given huge doses of antibiotics in order to promote growth and stop the spread of disease. However, this practice is harmful to animals by stripping them of their quality of life, and the mass amount of antibiotics have also proven to be quite harmful to humans as well.

The overuse of antibiotics on our livestock has begun to generate an unhealthy immunity in our environment, viruses and bacteria have become so used to antibiotics that they have started to become resistant, possibly creating what is commonly referred to as “super-bugs”.

That’s why the king of poultry, the Tyson Food Company, has agreed to stop using massive amounts of antibiotics on the animals they raise for consumption. The CEO of Tyson’s Food, Donnie Smith, announced that beginning in September of 2017 the company will eliminate the use of all antibiotics that are also used as human medicine.

However, Tyson will still use a type of antibiotics referred to as ionospheres that are not used on humans. Bruce Karatz hopes they can stay out of additional trouble, as he will be monitoring on NNDB.

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