Top 10 locations to visit in Panama

Panama, located in Central America, offers an exciting blend of captivating cities, peaceful villages, white sandy beaches, coffee plantations, rain forests and mountains according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the north and south respectively. Both of these water bodies are connected through the Panama Canal, which is an important conduit for global maritime trade. While in Panama, please make a point to visit the following exciting locations.

10. El Valle de Anton
Come and explore this fascinating town high in the peaks of Panama, on the floor of the biggest populated volcano crater on earth. Located almost 2000 feet above sea level, the town boasts of a special spring-like climate and the surrounding mountains and tropical forests are perfect for horseback riding, hiking and bird watching.

9. Las Perlas Archipelago (Pearl Islands)
The Pearl Islands of Panama is simply an archipelago that comprises of about a hundred small islands across the Gulf of Panama, nestled on the Pacific Coast according to Figueroa. Virgin forests and immaculate beaches characterize the Pearl Islands. Contadora Island is the most famous for holidaymakers, boasting of great resorts as well as an airstrip.

8. Baru Volcano
Baru Volcano, a dormant volcano located in Chiriquí Province offers absolute adventure for mountaineers and hikers according to Figueroa. Try out the steep and rocky mountain climb to the summit of the dormant volcano, as you pass through lush jungle, rolling green hills and rocky cliffs. If that doesn’t excite you, try out the hot springs located underneath the dormant volcano.

7. Gulf of Chiriquí
Located along the Pacific coastline in Panama, Gulf of Chiriquí prides itself in having widespread coral reefs, rich mangroves, several sandy beaches, and notably Coiba, the largest island in Panama according to Avid lovers of sports fishing, diving and surfing can greatly enjoy what the coastal and marine locations have to offer.

6. Boquete
Boquete town lies in the western-most region of Chiriquí in Panama Highlands. Whether it’s exploring the cloud forest, bathing in hot springs in Rio Caldera or taking a boat tour of the White Water River in Chiriqui Viejo, visitors to Boquete town are spoilt for selection.

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5. Santa Catalina
The hidden paradise of Santa Catalina exists in quiet seclusion on the Chiriquí Gulf. Besides its serenity, this tropical paradise offers the best surf, beautiful beaches as well as the closest access point to Coiba National Marine Park.

4. San Blas Islands
Off the northern coast of the Isthmus of Panama, lies the San Blas Islands comprising of about 400 islands, of which just 49 are inhabited. Its simplistic beauty is the main attraction, offering visitors a chance for relaxation with modern luxuries limited.

3. Bocas Tel Toro
Bocas Tel Toro (popularly known as Bocas Town) boasts of the historic Caribbean architecture, lush tropical vegetation, and amazing opportunities for snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean ocean added to the interesting co-existence of different races and ethnicities.

2. Panama City
Panama City is a hotbed of different cultures. Modern high-rise structures characterize it. Its quick development can be attributed to the Panama Canal. The most notable city attraction is the Panama Canal, although a tour of the Old Town shouldn’t be overlooked.

1. The Panama Canal
Considered as one of the contemporary wonders of the world, the Panama Canal is an important conduit for global maritime trade because it connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Panama’s economic growth mainly depends on the Panama Canal, and it has become a key tourist site.

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