The Worrisome Justice League Photo

Fans are starting to grow a bit restless about the forthcoming Justice League film. Trailers and clips have been sparse. Recently, a photograph has been released showing Batman standing aside Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg. The photo tells very little and is intended to build up anticipation. Unfortunately, the photo is also building up a bit of frustration.


The main problem with the photo is it tells no one anything about the film. Reports about the film have been very weak. Supposedly, the project is a total mess. The delay of The Batman film is rumored to be connected to a host of problems with Justice League.


Fans should not get into a huge panic. Rumors about the film’s troubles remain rumors. Unfortunately, the poor quality of the previous three D.C. Extended Universe films have not exactly boosted expectations of quality. Warner and D.C. really bungled their superhero franchise. This does not mean the new films released under the D.C. hero banner are going to be automatic duds though.


The trouble is Warner and D.C. have done a lot to harm credibility. The release of such a generic photo seems as if there is something to hide.


What should D.C and Warner Bros. do to build up confidence in those fans who may be doubting the quality of the Justice League project? A really awesome teaser or trailer would help, but Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman had both. Everyone knows how the quality of both those projects turned out.


Maybe it would be a far better plan to release a solid new extended clip from the film. Debuting 10 or 15 minutes of uninterrupted footage at an upcoming comic convention would be a smart and strategic move. A lengthy visual snapshot of the film could tell the tale of the film’s quality.


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