The World Is Getting a Red Sonja Reboot

“They are going to do a reboot of Red Sonja?”

That is probably the question a lot of movie fans are asking. The first Red Sonja from the 1980’s was a super flop. Commercially and critically, the film was a disaster. You can’t even put the film under the category of “so bad it is good”. At best, the film is a dull diversion.

So, why make a new version of Red Sonja today? The question is more poignant when you realize Nu Image/Millennium Films, the production company rolling out this project, failed so miserably with the Conan the Barbarian remake.

One reason is all thing comic book related are hot today. The new Red Sonja comic books of the past decade are really excellent so good source material is available. Game of Thrones just might have stirred a lot more interest in “sword and sorcery” films so Red Sonja just might draw in a new audience that was not around four years ago.

Or, the production house demands its going to have a Conan-like hit even when its “real” Conan film was a dud.

Back when the first Red Sonja movie was made, the film was the third Conan film without actually featuring Conan. Fans like Haidar Barbouti ( know that the movie did feature Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Conan rip-off character Lord Kalidor, an idea that likely turned audiences off since it was so blatant.

Interestingly, Schwarzenegger is returning as an older version of the barbarian in The Legend of Conan. Maybe that has something to do with the decision to make a Red Sonja reboot.

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