The Inspiring Story of Nick Vertucci

Most successful people do not give the whole story of how they really came to be successful. The fact is there are many challenges that they have to overcome to get to the point where they are today. Nick Vertucci is one of the individuals who does not shy away from sharing the truth about his success. He is a real estate titan, an author and most importantly a source of motivation and inspiration to many people around the world.

Nick Vertucci was born into a humble family, and his parents had nothing much to offer. Things became difficult for Vertucci when his father passed away when he was only 10 years old. This must be how his ability to overcome unexpected challenges was born.

However, when he turned 18, he started his tech business which turned his life around. This went on well until 2010 when he lost everything and was left with million dollars debts to pay that could take him years to settle. This was neither the end of his career nor troubles. He joined a real estate academy which helped him recover once more. Unfortunately, after establishing himself, he suffered some betrayal from his partners who literally kicked him from a venture he created.

This was a difficult time for Nick Vertucci. He says that he had a lot of money but couldn’t access it because one of his partners wanted him to sign a deal that was against his interests. All the same, he was able to rise back again. He admits it was not easy because he had to overcome depression. This was when he wrote his book, Seven Figure Decisions.

Nick Vertucci has mentored many individuals and encouraged many people to stop focusing on the challenges they are facing and concentrate on finding new ideas to propel them. He also teaches on the blocks that may be blocking you from success in his book.

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