The History of and Modern Kabbalah Centre

The non-profit organization, The Kabbalah Centre International, that focuses on providing courses in the Kabbalistic and the Zohar, they do this by teaching both online and through city-based and regional centers, as well as in study groups all over the world. The Kabbalah Centre is based out of Los Angeles, CA, and was developed and started by Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg. The staff at The Kabbalah Centre
is both international and multi-ethnic, who offer both training and guidance to it’s student community from around the world. The methods that are used within The Kabbalah Centre is that they take a practical approach with students that normally have no prior knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew texts, as it is a prerequisite for understanding. At the beginning of 2011, the centre was put under an investigation involving the FBI and the IRS, in the aftermath of a financial malfeasance, this came after the abandoning of the Raising Malawi school project, that left millions of dollars from donors unaccounted for. Locations the Kabbalah Centre include South and North America, Asia and the Middle East and Europe.

In the beginning days of The Kabbalah Centre, it was founded in 1965, starting in the United States, where it was known as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah, and was started by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Philip Berg. In addition to The Kabbalah Centre, Brandwein was also the dean of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda in Israel. After Brandwein passed away, and after spending several years in Israel, Philip and Karen Berg, re-established The Kabbalah Centre in New York. The current location of The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles was open in 1984. Karen and sons Michael and Yehuda, are the directors, as well as the spiritual leaders over the organization. The organization has been registered as a non-profit, and has more than fifty branches all over the world, this includes major ones that can be found in London, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York City. One of the beliefs in starting The Kabbalah Centre, is that in traditional Judaism, it has been believed for a long time that the mysteries in the Kabbalah are very complex and because of this they are often misunderstood, especially for male students, and because of this they were discouraged from approaching without having a strong background for Jewish Law, until after age 40, which is known as the age of wisdom in the Mishnah. Because of this, some of the traditionalist have seen the work of The Kabbalah Center as a provision of the Judaism’s secretive and
ancient mystic tradition.

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