The Director of Jurassic World is Very Confident

The new television commercials are out for Jurassic World and the images certainly are thrilling. Looks like Universal was not being overly optimistic when suggesting the debut weekend should pull in about $100 million. Colin Treverrow, the director of the film, is very optimistic as well. He has noted that we definitely wants to be aboard for the fifth film in the franchise, but not as director reports Brad Reifler.

Yes, he pretty much is saying he’s confident that a sequel to Jurassic World is going to come out. Again, the first film has not even opened at the box office yet and here he is talking about sequels. Is this a touch of overconfidence on the part of both the director and the studio? We won’t be able to answer that question for sure until the box office receipts are added up but, sometimes, the studios do have a good idea whether or not the film is going to do well.

Godzilla pulled in $500 million worldwide. The remake of King Kong made hundreds of millions and would have done more if the running time was not in the three-hour range. Overall, movies with giant monsters and dinosaurs do have their fans. To think that the vaunted return of the Jurassic Park dinosaurs is not going to sell mega tickets all over the world would be really pessimistic.

The quality of the film just might be really impressive to the powers that be at Universal. A great film with excellent reviews is surely going to generate a solid buzz and, hopefully, sell a lot of tickets.

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