The Darker Side of Muppets Explored With Happytime Murders

When people think about muppets, they think about the characters that they have seen in shows like Sesame Street. However, there is a new movie coming out that is based on the concept of muppets. This is called Happytime Murders. This is a violent film filled with foul language and adult themes. One scene in the trailer shows a muppet getting blown away. This shows that the film is going to involve murder and other acts not expected in a show about muppets.

Melissa McCarthy has a lead role in Happytime Murders. The overall feel of the film is reminiscent of The Heat. In this movie, Melissa McCarthy plays the role of a detective who has to solve the case of the murders of the Happytime Gang cast. This seems pretty straight-forward. The trailers show enough footage for people to make an assessment of the kind of movie they expect to get. This could be reminiscent of some of the action comedies of an earlier era.

One thing that people make comparisons to is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. However, this film puts muppets in the place of the cartoon characters. This is also not the first time that human actors have interacted with muppets on the big screen. There are plenty of films that feature some of the muppets and characters similar to muppets. Either way, this could go one of two ways. This can actually be a good film, or this can turn out to be a mediocre movie going experience.

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