The Career of Nicolas Krafft

L’Oreal recently held their second annual fashion show to showcase their upcoming spring and fall fashion trends. The event was held in central Paris and two large screens showcased the event for everyone to see. Several drones circled the area and the show was aired in over 30 different countries. The runway was a 60-meter floating runway which took 8 days to build and take down. They also showcased products of names they had partnered with during the show. For instance, models wore jewelry and other items from L’Oreal’s partners.

With over 70 new hair and makeup styles, the show was a hit. Celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and Louise Bourgoin walked the runway. Other famous celebrities attended the event to support the cause. The show was also created in order to support diversity in women. They intended on bringing beauty to women around the world. They tried spreading beauty to everyone around the world through their fashion show.

The success of the event came from Nicolas Krafft. Nicolas advertised and marketed the entire event. He holds the position as the president for global business development of L’Oreal. He is responsible for the rapid growth of the company. L’Oreal has always created top of the line beauty products, and with the help of Nicolas Krafft the company has experienced more growth. The company was able to come out with several hair products with high demand.

Nicolas only hires employees that are passionate and dedicated to their work just as he is. He truly believes in the company and he believes in their future. He takes pride in his work and cares for the men and women his company can help achieve the hair they desire through their products. The annual fashion show was only a fraction of the good work Nicolas does through L’Oreal.

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