The Brown Modelling Agency Continues to Grow Through Texas

After acquiring Heyman Talent-South, Wilhelmina Austin relaunched itself as The Brown Agency, led by none other than Justin Brown himself. Now, after more than a year since the relaunch, it’s clear that The Brown Agency is here to stay. As one of only a few key talent agencies situated in Texas, and in Austin no less, The Brown Agency has seen considerable success in finding new talents and putting them to work in a variety of both print and screen advertisements.

For his part, Justin Brown has extensive experience in both modelling and running a talent agency. During college, Justin Brown earned a living from his modelling career, which he then leveraged into managing his own successful talent agency. This, of course, led to his agency acquiring Heyman Talent-South and becoming the successful organization that is today.

Although The Brown Agency began as a relatively small organization, it has since grown extensively over the past year. Since the Austin region lacks a competitive modelling scene, The Brown Agency is perfectly situated to bring in the existing talent and refine it for commercial purposes. With Justin Brown’s expertise and attention for detail, The Brown Agency is perhaps the best equipped for expansion in the Austin region.

Interestingly, The Brown Agency’s successes are far beyond their size. Ever since Justin Brown first entered the business, his agencies have helped a much higher percentage of talent place with bigger agencies than many of his competitors. Perhaps most remarkably though, is that Justin Brown was able to accomplish this while still barely being able to legally drink alcohol.

Over the years, Brown’s capabilities have only grown. Since graduating from college with a degree in business, Brown has managed to acquire a number of excellent positions within the industry, which has led to the current state of affairs. As The Brown Agency continues to bring in new talent and train them for greater exposure, it’s clear that The Brown Agency will only continue to grow in both prominence and capability.

According to Brown Agency, the only real challenge left lies in Austin’s identity. As a proud city that tends to shun excess, it’s been difficult for Brown to make a lasting impact with his agency. Of course, it’s clear from recent successes that this has changed for the better. As Brown and his agency continue to grow in Austin, both the city and the agency are helping to shape each other’s identity.

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