Taking a Look at Igor Cornelsen’s Long Investment Career

Igor Cornelsen is a successful entrepreneur and investment banker whose career has grown over the years. Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil where he began from a humble background. He was born in 1947 and attended school in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen attended university where he studied engineering. This was at the Federal University. While he was studying, Igor Cornelsen found engineering to be a difficult course that required a lot of dedication and time. After pursuing the course for two years, Igor Cornelsen decided to major in economics instead. Igor Cornelsen finally graduated from the Federal University in 1970 and immediately started working.

Igor Cornelsen’s career started at Multibanco where he was employed as an investment banker. Many people that had done engineering in University were employed in banks because they had the capability of handling the computing skills. Igor Cornelsen had two promotions at Multibanco while he worked there. First, he was appointed to be part of the Board of Directors at the institution and second he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Multibanco. The latter happened in 1976 only five years later after he started working at Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen success was however put to a sudden stop in 1978 when Multibanco was acquired by another bank.

Igor Cornelsen moved on and started working at Unibanco which was huge in the investment banking at the time. His career at Unibanco did not last however because the inflation rates went up at the bank. Igor Cornelsen left in1978 to look for other opportunities. Luckily, he landed a job at Libra Bank PLC. Libra Bank PLC was a London Merchant Bank that paid its customers in dollars. This was new to Igor, and he took a job there. Igor Cornelsen was successful at this bank but he also finally left and joined another.

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