Susan McGalla Makes Her Mark In Modern Business

Susan McGalla is a driven, talented individual. Susan McGalla also a hard worker that has turned her talent into great success as a businesswoman and executive consultant. Born and raised in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio, McGalla attended Mount Union College where she majored in business and marketing. Once she graduated with her bachelor’s degree, she hit the work-a-day world with a vengeance. Her first job after graduation was with the Joseph Horne Company. During her 8 years there she exceled in a wide range of marketing and managerial positions.

In 1994, Susan McGalla on susanmcgalla left Joseph Horne Company and began to work with a company with which she would become linked for many years. That company was American Eagle. It was at American Eagle that Susan McGalla really began to make her mark in the business world. Initially McGalla was hired to work in the women’s clothing division as a merchandise buyer, but it soon became clear that she had prodigious talent as a manager of people and budgets. Soon she began a meteoritic rise that ended with her being president and chief marketing officer of American Eagle Outfitters.

McGalla’s success at American Eagle Outfitters couldn’t help but catch the eye of the parent company. She was transferred to the parent company, American Eagle Incorporated, and quickly made her way to the top. In no time flat Susan McGalla was named chief marketing officer and president of American Eagle Incorporated. Hers is a remarkable story of how talent, tenacity, hard work, and vision can lead to unparalleled success. Susan McGalla had shown that being a woman from a small town and a small school does not mean you cannot succeed at the highest level of business.

After 15 years of overwhelming success at American Eagle, McGalla left the company and struck out on her own. She became a private consultant and worked with a number of companies in the financial investment services and retail industries and did quite well. But people could not forget all he great things she had done at American Eagle. So in 2011 Wet Seal Inc. offered her the position of CEO. McGalla did well at Wet Seal Inc., but about 18 months after becoming CEO she left the company and once again struck out on her own.

McGalla next started a company called P3 Executive Consulting. One of her jobs is with the Pittsburg Steelers. With the Steelers McGalla is in charge of planning and growth. She’s also on the board of advisors of Mount Union College, and the board of directors of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, and HFF Inc., was the Allegheny Conference on Community Development director, and formally a University of Pittsburgh trustee. Some wonder if McGalla got her drive from her football coach and growing up with two brothers.

Whatever it is that drives her to succeed, Susan McGalla, who is married to wealth manager Stephen McGalla, has shown she has what it takes to make it in business.

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