Susan McGalla Has Been An Inspiration To Women

A lot of women have struggled to have a successful career. Women like Susan McGalla have paved a path for these women. Her upbringing made her comfortable working with both sexes and her career is a success story. Her career started when she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters. Although every executive at this time was male, she became the President. After she left the company she created P3 Executive Counseling and is currently working for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Unfortunately not all women have achieved success because of the proverbial glass ceiling. There are groups providing support for women and giving them the opportunity to share their ideas. The problem is in order for a woman to succeed she requires the support of other businesswomen. This becomes difficult since three quarters of the senior roles are filled by men. One possible solution is opportunities for sponsorship. Women in executive positions can sponsor other women and create necessary opportunities. This would be an excellent way to advocate women’s rights and may prove to be the missing key.

The Joseph Horne Company was Susan McGalla’s first step into the business world. From 1986 through 1994 she worked in numerous management and marketing positions. Later in the same year she became a part of American Eagle Outfitters. She began as a merchandise buyer specializing in women’s clothing until becoming the CMO and President for the American Eagle Brand. This led to her promotion as President for the company. Her achievements included launching the brands for both 77kids and aerie.

In January of 2009 Susan McGalla departed from American Eagle Outfitters to work in the areas of financial and retail investments as a private consultant. HFF Incorporated elected her to sit on their Board of Directors in October of 2009. In January of 2011, she was Ed Thomas’s successor as CEO of Wet Seal Inc. During her initial tenure working for Wet Seal she was pregnant and was working remotely from home. In August of 2011 Susan McGalla began working for the company on a full time basis. Her achievements have been an inspiration for women.

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