Susan McCalla: Woman Business Leader Extraordinaire

Susan McCalla: Woman Business Leader Extraordinaire

How McCalla’s Leadership Traits are Used as Empowerment for Women

McCalla’s meteoric rise to prominence at American Eagle has demonstrated to women executives everywhere that proficient work skills and dedicated corporate leadership can combine to anchor a talented woman leader in her field of expertise. Excellence at a position is necessary to climb the corporate ladder.

What Makes McCalla’s Leadership so Compelling

McCalla was able to propel her rise power by accumulating the specific knowledge she required to lead her company efficiently and profitably to a position of respected prominence in the retail apparel market, introducing new product lines and a children’s division at the same time. Her drive toward excellence in her field caused her to operate in the corporate world on her own merit. McCalla emphasizes that when climbing the corporate ladder, women should hone their specific business knowledge to help pave their way to greatness. In a woman’s climb to the top, she should build her knowledge while performing her job. Going beyond meeting the minimum requirements for a particular job to provide thorough service in her leadership role is required for the woman getting ahead in business.

Conclusion: Lasting Leadership Lessons that can Be Drawn From McCalla’s Actions and Leadership Style

McCalla’s actions as a corporate leader engage her leadership skills to focus on the entire organization. It is not enough to be a good woman leader, but to instead stand out and be the best of everything, gender designations notwithstanding. McCalla excels because she is the best at her job. McCalla continues to demonstrate that as she continues to add knowledge and experience to her list of corporate leadership skills, the business functioning under her expertise will only continue to flourish. McCalla presents an ideal role model for corporate leadership and success. Leaders following behind her should take a page from her emphasis on increasing their leadership skills and abilities.


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